Bundled Up

This is the kind of morning where it helps to have a running buddy.  I have gotten in the bad habit of not setting an alarm on the weekends, having a leisurely breakfast with tea, reading my favorite blogs, and in this morning’s case, watching a few hours of Law&Order over breakfast.




A running buddy might have helped get me out the door before 11:30am.  I am feeling much better than last weekend, but not quite 100%.  And with the weather topping out at 40 degrees, I better get used to bundling up for my runs.




My motivation this morning was my half marathon in 3 weeks.  PR aside, my goal for every race is to have fun and finish strong and healthy, which is why I needed to get in a long run today.  I bundled up from head to toe and headed out to the path.  I had no time expectations and just took 1 mile at a time.  I was surprised by how bare the path was.  Almost all of the trees have lost their leaves, and the forest preserve was really quiet.  Around mile 6, I stopped to remove a layer and snacked on a gingersnap LARABAR.




I’ve never tried a LARABAR before, but just had a few bites since I didn’t have any water with me (I finished the rest when I made it back home).  I must say that the bar tasted just like a gingersnap (yum!), and around mile 7, I decided that gingersnaps would be amazing dunked in this Spiced Pumpkin Dip.  I felt surprisingly strong through my last few miles and came bounding back in the door in search of my foam roller, which by the way is MIA.  Bummer!  Running in the colder weather was an adjustment.  I finished right around 9.5 miles in 87:11.  This is nowhere near race pace, but that is okay.  It felt great to be outside and I know that come race day, it will be exciting to have so many running buddies and fans!  I had a quick lunch after my run, and the BOY and I finally took a trip to the grocery store.  We threw a batch of Really GOOD Chili in the crockpot (this time using turkey) to bring to a Bear’s get together tomorrow.  We are getting pretty quick and efficient with our chili making!




And for dessert….well you’ll have to wait and see, but I will give you a sneak peak!


IMG_8916 IMG_8917



How are your cold weather runs going?

Any upcoming races?

Want to be my running buddy?

8 thoughts on “Bundled Up

    • That is a GREAT idea! I’m not a good night time runner, especially on Fridays. After the craziness that is my work week, Friday is my day to CRASH! But perhaps I need to try because I do LOVE sleeping in on Saturdays.

  1. The ginger snap Larabar sounds amazing! I need to get on trying that:) I love having a liesurely breakfast too- maybe a little too long haha

    • I think after a crazy week it is well deserved to sit and enjoy a weekend breakfast! Hope you had a fun weekend!

      My first Larabar was fantastic. I’m excited to try some other flavors!

  2. My favorite larabars are cherry and lemon. I haven’t tried the gingersnap, but will definitely pick one up next time I’m at the co-op!

    Hope you find your foam roller! They help SO much. I completely agree that it’s an adjustment running in the cold, but once you do adjust, it’s so refreshing to get outside during the winter!

    • I still don’t know where it is! So sad!
      Gingersnap is definitely the way to go although I don’t have anything to compare it to. If you like Cherry, then you should definitely try the homemade PURE bars.

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