New Fall Challenge

Did you have a good Halloween?




Although most of our kiddos ditched us to go Trick-or-Treating (as they should), the staff had a BLAST modeling our costumes, especially this awesome 80’s getup : )




So I don’t typically join on to exercise challenges (mostly because my follow through is poor), but I did participate in a successful push up challenge last fall.  So, I was highly motivated when I heard that Tina was arranging a PLANK challenge.  For all of the details, check out her post on Carrots N CakeThe main goal is to double your current plank time in 4 weeks.  The set up is simple…


Monday-Plank to Fatigue

Wednesday-Follow Tina’s Ab Workout (My Mom and I did the first one last week)

Friday-Plank to Fatigue (try to beat Monday’s time)




Last week, my Mom and I each did a 2 minute plank (mine on my elbows), making our goal to complete a 4 minute plank by Thanksgiving!  About half way through Tina’s first workout, my mom asked me why we were doing this?  The answer…sexy, strong abs!  Is there any other reason???

Anyone else want to join in??? Looks like a simple way to improve the core muscles that you use every day!  I’ll keep you posted!

Now, onto the month wrap up…




October has been a foodie month! 


I ate TONS of quinoa

I made 2 unbelievable chilies, Red Chicken Chili and Poblano-Turkey Sausage Chili….and

I was a Bread Baking Fool, including this Pumpkin Banana Bread and Cinnamon Delight Bread


This is what else was keeping me busy.  Plus, I went to my first BEARS game of the season!

Man, it was a busy one!



October’s Goal

Keep up the Healthy Habits with focus on drinking water, chewing, following hunger cues, and limiting processed foods

     Let’s call this a draw!  I have been drinking lots of water and working on slowing down during meals.  I have been eating more real foods, but I think WAY too much food.  Moving forward, I will be focusing on portions!


Create half marathon training plan for November race

     My plan is set, but after being sick last weekend, my runs have not been up to par.

Find the Zen!

     Yikes!  It has been a super stressful month, but I did have some quality down time with my Mom up in Door County. 


November Goals

-Healthy Habits Continued…this month’s focus is on real foods and portion control

-Half Marathon PR…seems like a reach, especially with my recent illness, but I’m going for it

-A 4 minute plank

-Feeling thankful for a happy, healthy, and family-filled Thanksgiving



How are you doing?  What are your new goals?

25 thoughts on “New Fall Challenge

  1. Love the costume! And great goals. I hope your plank challenge is a success!
    I think my goal is to listen to my body better. I can tell when my knees are going to give me trouble, and yet I try to push through hoping I’m wrong.

    • That is a fantastic goal! I think that I have gotten better at that as I’ve gotten older (ie taking the weekend off while sick…kind of, I did get out for some walks), but I have a ways to go. Happy November!

  2. I am rocking the plank challenge… planked to fatigue… after a one hour walk, 10 minute run and 40 minute weight work out…. go mom, go mom!!!

  3. well, I did my challenge up down planks on my elbows… figured better to get them done on my elbows than not be able to do them at all!

  4. I totally need to join in on the plank challenge! Thanks for the motivation 🙂 Also, I’m all about controlling my portions this month.

    You go for that 13.1 PR! You WILL do it! 🙂

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