Breakfast, Lunch, and Bears


I revisited an old favorite…




Hot Banana Breakfast Quinoa



IMG_8682 IMG_8684


Then headed out for a strength session with the TRAINER.  It has been awhile since I’ve hit the weights so I was due for a good workout!



Since we don’t have a lot of options in the house (I didn’t do a lot of shopping because I will be gone again), I went with a mix of frozen rice, frozen veggies, and fresh shrimp.




It was tasty and filling!  I love when a good lunch comes together so easily.


‘Da Bears

Hitting the road and heading downtown for the game.  Don’t worry…I’ve got my tickets!



19 thoughts on “Breakfast, Lunch, and Bears

  1. I’m watching the game, the NLCS game, and the debate. Whew! It’s halftime and things look good so far. Hope Cutler is OK and hope you’re having a great time — and have managed to keep dry!

    • We had great seats and stayed totally dry. Plus, it was super warm. I loved the game and totally forgot about the debate : ) I heard this morning that Cutler is back at practice. It was a HARD hit!

  2. Totally craving that breakfast quinoa! Also, I am all about mixing frozen veggies in with stir frys. So much quicker and more budget friendly! Plus, by the time you add spices and flavorful sauce, they can be just about as good as fresh. Your food pics have my tummy growling.

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