Lately, I’ve Been (II)…



IMAG0936 IMAG0937


Which means lots of walks!!!


Sleeping 9 hours a night


Hanging out in the dark during an electrical outage




Doing yoga at home


Watching new fall TV shows


Baking Bread


Reading Gone Girl



Playing with kids cereal


Training for a half marathon


Shopping at the GAP (30% off clearance)


Going to Pumpkin Feast





What have you been doing lately?



Lately, I’ve been… (the original)

8 thoughts on “Lately, I’ve Been (II)…

    • Oh..I need to go pick up some fall flavored candles. That is my favorite! I really liked Gone Girl. I know that some people were disappointed with the ending, but I thought it was a good read!

  1. I had a dog sitting adventure a couple months ago. It was tiring!! I hope you’re having fun with it! Lately I have…been day dreaming, creating food, thinking about life, and enjoying my family!

    • They definitely kept me busy, so it is good to be home for a night! I love getting to spend time with my famiy…my Mom and I took the dogs for a nice long walk this morning, which was great!

  2. Was that the Highwood Pumpkin Fest? Some friends and I talked of going out there but our dinner took longer than expected — and the wine poured far too easily. Did they beat their competition? 32, 000 jack-o-lanters must have been a sight to see!

    • It is!!! I had never heard of it so this was my first year going (I have a lot more pictures). I’m not sure if they actually made the record. There were some SERIOUS counters out there who gave us quite a laugh : ) Add it to your list of things to see next year! There is plenty of time for wine afterwards!

    • Way to go! I know that feeling and has its ups and downs. I feel like this year (compared to last) my groove has been a bit off. I’m hoping to be feeling like myself again for this upcoming race!

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