Fruity Pebble Treats

What was your favorite cereal growing up???


I had a few (Life, Kix, Golden Grahams, Cheerios), but who didn’t doesn’t love Fruity Pebbles?!




One of my favorite ways to eat this super sweet cereal is in Fruity Pebbles Treats.  And not the store bought kind (which I just discovered they make)… the homemade kind!  Get ready because this might be the simplest recipe ever.  All you need is cereal, mallows, and butter.


IMAG0887 IMAG0888

IMAG0889 IMAG0892


And before you know it, you will have a crowd pleasing snack (or breakfast).  Because let’s face it…they are made with cereal  : )




Ok, so I couldn’t even wait until breakfast to give them a try…I stuck my finger right in the pot for taste.  It has been a LONG time since I’ve had these colorful pebbles.




And even though, I wouldn’t choose them for a healthy, start your day, breakfast, they are definitely worthy for a sweet treat children AND adults will love (trust me, I served them to my friends today)!




FYI, this recipe also tastes incredible with Lucky Charms (it’s magically delicious!).  And, if you are on a total cereal kick, don’t forget to try these No Bake Chocolate S’mores Bars or Trail Mix Rice Krispy Treats!



Fruity Pebble Treats


1 bag mini marshmallows

3 Tbsp butter

6 cups of Fruity Pebbles cereal


Combine mallows and butter in a large pot and cook over medium low heat, stirring often until completely melted.  Remove from heat and stir in fruity pebbles.  Press into 9×13 pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Use your hands (also covered in cooking spray) to level the bars.  Let sit (do not refrigerate) for 60 minutes or until set.  Cut (use cookie cutters for fun shapes) and serve.


Note: Looking for a less sweet treat (can’t understand why) but you can sub in 3 cups of Rice Krispy’s or another unsweetened cereal mixed with 3 cups of Fruity Pebbles.



What is your favorite cereal recipe???

19 thoughts on “Fruity Pebble Treats

  1. Fruity Pebbles are my husbands favorite cereal. Although I am sure he would kill me for telling you that. Plus we live in the bay area. Bahahaha I’ll have to make these for him!

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