Rainy Run and Break and Bake Cookies

Another No-Alarm Saturday…How did I get so lucky?!

The weathermen were all abuzz with a rainy Saturday, so I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a dreary but warm Saturday morning.  The BOY and I had no Saturday agenda, so I made a cup of tea, threw a recipe into the crockpot, and sat down to check some email.  A few episodes of Big Bang Theory later, I changed into my running clothes for a run.  I should also mention, that I am officially signed up for the Schaumburg Half Marathon Turkey Trot on November 24th.  So…I am motivated and ready to train for this year’s half marathon PR goal!


I had one foot out the door before I even realized that it was raining.  Do you ever have that…’Oops, I should have gone running before watching TV and playing on my blog’ moment???  I did!  I waited it out for about 5 minutes and then headed out towards the path.  It was drizzling lightly, so I figured I’d see how long I made it before a large storm rolled in.  I had no expectations for my run, but was hoping to do at least 6 miles.  The path was covered in leaves and the light rain reminded me of cross country season years ago!  I was shocked to look at my watch at mile 1 to see that I had run it in around 8 minutes.  My last few runs have been slower than I would have liked, so I was even more surprised when miles 2 and 3 were even faster (under 8 minutes).  The rain continued to be light and the weather was warm enough for me to take off my jacket.


I slowed down during the last few miles, but returned home after a 6 mile run clocking in at 48:46.  Averaging just over 8 minute miles, I was thrilled to finally have a strong, race pace run under my belt.  Perfect prep for my upcoming half marathon!!!




Post run, the BOY and I had lunch at B Wubs!

Then, swung by Target for a few things, including these premade sugar cookies!




Have you used Break and Bake cookies lately???  I haven’t in years, but I had some leftover frosting and the BOY picked out these holiday favorites.




I must admit…I see the appeal. 




The cookies are so easy to make!  I was able have an entire batch of warm cookies in the time it took me to empty and reload the dishwasher.



IMG_8521 IMG_8525


Plus, they are so cute!




But I don’t think they are as tasty as the homemade.




However, they did make these adorable cookie sandwiches!



IMG_8547 IMG_8550


The BOY and I planned a lazy Saturday afternoon indoors, so I am back on the couch resting my tired legs (and baking more bread)!  Ohh…the joys of fall!



Do you ever run in the rain?

What are you up to this Saturday?

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