Warm Pumpkin Breakfast Quinoa

Have you ever just wanted to spend an entire day sitting on your couch catching up on the hours of drama recorded on your DVR???


That was me yesterday!


In part, I blame this heart warming breakfast that made me want to curl up with a cup of tea and never leave the house. 




But I also blame the long list of new shows piling up on my TV.  It sounded like a fine idea to spend the day indoors in my PJ’s.  But after 2 dramatic hours of Grey’s Anatomy, the gorgeous fall weather finally lured me out of the house.




It was a picture perfect fall day, which was what REALLY got me out of the house and onto the path for a run.




Once I started I was immediately happy to be off the couch.  It felt amazing to be out in this beautiful day!  I was so excited that I decided to up the ante a bit on my run.  In order to meet my 1/2 marathon PR goal and rev up my lazy metabolism, I pulled out a workout from my past, 90/90 second intervals.  I used to HATE this run during high school cross country…it was tough!  But I was reading AGAIN last night about the importance of high intensity interval training.  This time it was in regards to bone density and metabolism in your 30’s.  I started with a 5 minute warm up and then ran 90 second intervals alternating between a relaxed pace and a push pace (not quite a sprint, but faster than you want to be running).  And, it was just as hard as I remember, especially when I kept hitting the inclines during my push pace. 




But after a 46 minute run, I felt incredible.  It might have been all the cheering and energy from Sunday’s marathon.  And the fact that it was one of my fastest runs since breaking my toe.  I think that my new Birthday socks helped pump me up too! By the end of my run, I was reminded about the importance of speed and interval training, especially if I want to increase my mile times. I am familiar with tempo runs and negative splits, but looking for other training suggestions.

What techniques do you use to increase your speed???




Ok, now back to that hearty pre-run breakfast…




I found this recipe this weekend while I was cruising through blogs. With a Costco sized bag of quinoa in the pantry, it seemed like the ideal Monday breakfast.




It wasn’t until after I dumped the pumpkin into the saucepan that I realized I was supposed to add that later.  Ooops!  All ended well, but I would say that this probably caused an increase in cooking time to closer to 20 minutes.




The recipe serves 2, so I had a hot off the stove breakfast yesterday, covered in walnuts with a drizzle of agave, and leftovers for breakfast this morning, which was just as tasty!  There is nothing like a power packed breakfast to get your day started right!





Pumpkin Breakfast Quinoa

From Peanut Butter Fingers

Makes 2 servings



1/2 cup quinoa

1 cup milk (I used Almond milk)

1 very ripe banana, mashed

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (I used way more)

2 egg whites



Combine quinoa, milk, mashed banana and egg whites in a pan on medium heat.

Increase heat to medium high and, stirring constantly, allowing mixture to thicken (approximately 10 – 15 minutes)

Fluff quinoa, reduce heat to low and slowly stir in pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice

Add protein powder and an additional splash of milk if needed

Divide quinoa into two bowls and enjoy

Top with walnuts, coconut, honey, or cinnamon

23 thoughts on “Warm Pumpkin Breakfast Quinoa

  1. Your Birthday socks are awesome! I’ve never tied 90/90 splits but I think I should! Pumpkin Quinoa…yummmmmmm I need to get my fall baking on I’m so lazy this month!

    • I think it’s a totally lazy month! I am behind in my cooking, cleaning, running, etc. But I am loving it!

  2. I always avoid intervals even though I know I should do them. I might have to try this pumpkin quinoa too. Looks like the perf fall breakfast 🙂

    • So glad to know that I’m not the only one who avoids the speed workouts! They are my least favorite for sure! Enjoy the warm quinoa!

    • For Sure!
      Once I am outside, I am happy to be there! It’s not every day that I get to do a beautiful 11am run outside (although I wish I could!).

    • OMG! Grey’s was super emotional! I was surprised but they really came out swinging this season. That sounds like na amazing Sunday. Looking forward to next weekend and working my way through more shows!

    • Last winter I started making Breakfast Quinoa cakes (you can find them in the recipe section). They are awesome and perfect for leftover quionia. This recipe is different yet just as filling for your first meal of the day. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wanted to spend my ENTIRE day on the couch today! I am fighting a stomach bug and all i want to do snuggle on my couch with some dvds! A warm, hearty pumpkin breakfast would totally make me feel better- I just know it!

    I love your running socks!!!!! i need them. 🙂

    • You should definitely treat yourself to some awesome new socks…especially since you are sick. I hope that you are feeling better soon!

    • It was fantastic! Quinoa makes a great breakfast option…espeically with all of the protien. Even those this takes a little while on the stove, it is totally worth it!

    • Thanks! I love the bright orange color of the socks. For me, fun socks make a huge difference in my run!

    • Thank you! I love your comment!
      I think the socks might be my new favorite race socks. They are adorable, but also really comfortable and easy to run in. Monday was a GOOD day!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing some new recipes.
    Extremely versatile. You can have it for breakfast, use it in soups and stews, use quinoa flour in muffins, cakes and cookies. The list is endless!
    Add to it the fact that it is loaded with amazing health benefits. In my case, it is a guilt free food (though I am not a size-zero aspirant), I do keep a careful watch over my calorie intake. It makes me feel full and gives me enough nourishment to keep me going through the day without the ‘wrong’ calories and is also extremely low in fat.

    • You will totally love this breakfast! It is the most amazing way to start the day and it can get me from breakfast to lunch without starving…which is hard as I am running around all day. I also love quinoa in my afternoon energy snacks. So good! Thanks for stopping by!

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