Living on Leftovers

Before, I left for Door County, you may have noticed…I mean how could you not…that there have been a lot of sweets, baking, and treats on LWYD the last few weeks.  I have come up with 3 reasons for this.  Mostly, we’ve been living on leftovers..ours and our parents : )


#1) The Grill

It is still warm enough to sear meat on the back porch which means the BOY is has been in charge of dinner, which I love!




#2) The Holidays at the Parents

They sent us home with a significant amount of leftovers. 

2 families + 2 holidays = Lots of Leftovers!





#3) The Crockpot

I made these 2 recipes and ever since have been living on leftovers.




So you see, although all I have been sharing with the world is the sweet stuff, we have been eating some nice healthy, well balanced meals over here.  That is until this past weekend in Wisconsin where my Mom and I lived on beer and cheese.  Because…let’s be honest, what is the point of going to Wisconsin if you won’t be eating beer and cheese?!


Now that I am back in town and life is calming down, I will definitely be making and sharing a lot more recipes, including tons of soup…





September Goals

Continue with the Healthy Habits Recharged with focus on avoiding white flour and sugar, following hunger cues, and slowing down to chew

     -Success!  I have done a nice job (prior to my weekend away) of sticking to my healthy habits and it has shown on the scale.

Ride a distance PR on my bike (anything over 52 miles)

     -Nope!  I decided not to ride, but it was worthwhile…maybe next year!

Stay calm, chill, zen…whatever you want to call it.

     -Goal Emerging!!!  I am definitely getting into the Yin yoga, which has helped.



October Goals

So I think since this month went so well, and I was able to get back into the healthy lifestyle that keeps me feeling my best, that I’m going to continue working towards the above goals with a few new focuses.


-Keep up the Healthy Habits with focus on drinking water, chewing, following hunger cues, and limiting processed foods

-Create half marathon training plan for November race

-Find the Zen!



Have you been trying new recipes or living on no bake sweets?

How did you do with your September goals?

17 thoughts on “Living on Leftovers

  1. I live on leftovers most weeks! I have become quite the expert on making most things in bigger quantities then we need, then freezing the leftovers or making them into lunches for the week / dinners later in the week. I love leftovers, especially repurposing them into different meals. =) Congrats on doing a great job on your September goals – I have no doubt that you’ll be just as successful with your October ones!

    • Thank you!!! I so appreciate your kind words!
      I am getting better at repurposing and definitely more creative since I started blogging and exploring everyone else’s blog. With my long work days, sometimes I just run out of time so I love spending some quality weekend time in the kitchen!

  2. I cook on the weekends and eat what I have cooked all week. All are good health guideline friendly. Otherwise I would be coming home and just filling up on whatever. I have a very tall very thin son (read 6’5″ and 150 lbs-with clothes) who complains that there is never anything good to eat (which means the house is stocked with healthy foods and I have done my job)-I do keep the not so good stuff (for him) in the freezer!
    I could not do without my crockpot, rice cooker and a nice soup pot. My rice cooker usually gets mixed grains-wild rice, brown rice, farro, quinoa, barley-in whatever combination I feel like.

    Good luck on your Oct goals-I have no doubt you will do well.

    • Thank you fo your words of encouragement! I don’t have a rice cooper, but I am thinking I need one to get more grains going quickly. I love living on leftovers…Mondays I usually make a huge batch of something and then I have lunch for the week. By Friday it can be slim pickings but I had veggie chili thawing in the fridge so I am good to go!

  3. Been following your blog for a short time. I set some September goals and I totally surprised myself by meeting them. So I set October goals and totally fell apart. I clicked back to your Healthy Habits Recharged post. I like your list! Sooo…it’s only October 4 and I have plenty of time to regroup. Will be back later today to check out the recipes! They look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.

    • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comment! I was just thinking this week if I should keep posting my goals, but they keep me on track and I am so happy to hear that they are inspiring others too. Congrats on September and keep up the good work. Thank you for making my day!
      And…On We Go…

  4. Sounds like you had a successful month — and that includes your weekend in Wisconsin. Any new regimen that doesn’t allow for an occasional “good time” is doomed to fail. I hope your October is as successful.

  5. I LOVE trying new recipes. I get such a kick out of it. I actually need to organize my millions of folders filled with magazine and newspaper recipes. Maybe that should be on my October goals!

    • That’s perfect! My recipe binder continues to grow and grow and I get so excited to add new recipes…especially good fall hearty meals. Can’t wait to see what you are cooking this fall!

  6. It can be a real challenge to keep meals on the table. Left overs are a real big help. They save time and energy as well as money. It is an education for me with all the blogs I follow also. There is some really good cooks and bakers in wordpress. And some of the things that is now being made with cookie dough give me a laugh some times. But that is how we learn. Enjoyed your blog today.

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