Weekend Getaway

It’s so hard to know where to even begin…

This past weekend, my mom and I took a Mother/Daughter getaway up to Door County Wisconsin.  We drove up Saturday morning and spent 4 lovely days together biking, eating, beering, talking, walking, eating some more, laughing, shopping, hiking, and meeting the most interesting people.  The weather could not have been any better and the leaves were multicolored and magnificent.  We had the most wonderful time, and it was special to share such a fun and revitalizing weekend with my mom!




So I guess the best place to start…would be with some pictures!














And when I have some more time over the next few days, I can fill you in on all the details!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. How beautiful!! I hope you two had some good “mother-daughter” time. I absolutely love the gourds and pumpkins. Their shapes and colors are so beautiful.

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