Mean People

There are some MEAN people out there!  I always knew this, but I didn’t realize the extent until today.  After being gone for a few days celebrating the holidays with my family, I returned to some unusually high volume on the blog.  I was surprised and after checking it out discovered that I was the focus of a forum on a website called Get Off My Internets.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t.


Apparently someone had posted my Candy Corn Cake Batter Fudge recipe calling it disgusting.  Other people subsequently followed with awful names for the recipe, making fun of my photographs (I’ll admit, some are pretty bad), and saying some blatantly hurtful things about me.  My first reaction…total shock!  I had no idea that there were people out there who found joy in searching blogs, coming up with mean things to say (behind their backs), and then have enough free time to continue to post for days.  What I found humorous was that for people who seem to hate healthy living blogs, they certainly have an extensive knowledge of bloggers, specific posts, and this community.


My second thought was to immediately defend myself, a person who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, for posting a sugar filled recipe.  But then I realized that the fudge pretty much speaks for itself.  I mean…it was incredible!  Everyone who tried it this weekend loved it, and I have been asked for the recipe numerous times.  There are plenty of people who follow a healthy lifestyle and are able to find balance in their lives between tough sweat sessions and sweet decadent desserts from time to time.  I think this is how life should be!


It didn’t take me long after this discovery to come up with my take home message…because situations like this always have a take home message.  It was a good reminder that everything posted on the internet is free to be read, reviewed, and be criticized.  I am not just posting to my friends (like I would like to be).  I am posting to the world (kind of), and I need to have a tough skin to anyone’s not so pleasant comments.  The purpose of my blog is to share the things that I love and to learn along the way.  For me, this has been a really pleasant experience, thus far.  And I thank you all for that!


In the heat of this, I find myself feeling so grateful for the incredible people in my life who support me daily and read my blog. I am thankful to all of you who share similar interests and take the time to share your positivity on the site. I would be interested in hearing if any of you have had situations like this and your thoughts along the way.


I’m certainly not going to let one incident that will be old news tomorrow take away from the fun I have blogging.  The reason that I blog is because I enjoy it, and if that every changes then I will hang up my blogging shoes.  But until then…I will just continue to be me!  I should warn everyone that if you don’t like my blog, please don’t read it.  And for all of you haters out there who are offended by sugar, don’t look any further because I made some pretty awesome desserts this past weekend and the recipes (and pictures) are coming your way!

20 thoughts on “Mean People

  1. Don’t listen to them! The fudge really was delicious and they’re just jealous that they didn’t think of it themselves! Just keep doing what you enjoy and don’t let it bother you!!!

  2. The world needs people like you Jen, who do a GREAT job, to take our mind off the total schmucks you’ve described. Case closed.

  3. There are always going to be people in this world who have found that the only way to make them feel better about themselves is to put others down. They are truly miserable people-thank god you are not one! Your blog is funny and frankly the only blog I read everyday-others are too fake or maybe scripted is a better word. Thank you for spending the time-and thanks for the recipes-those of us following a healthier lifestyle like to have things to make (in my case to take to someone else’s house so it isn’t a temptation).
    Keep it up!

    • Debi, your comment is so sweet and made me smile after a long and daunting week. I so appreciate your support of my blog…especially since I do try to ‘keep it real’. I will continue to share some hearty meals and ‘bring to someone else’s house’ desserts because the combination of both make me super happy too!

  4. Haters gonna hate, but don’t let them get you down! I love your blog and I love that you do balance a healthy lifestyle with some indulgences! I look forward to reading your blog every day (or the days that I actually get around to it!) and love that you’re not letting anyone get you down!

    • Thank you so much. This means a lot to me!
      I am definitely not going to let them get me down, but I did feel like i had to say something. Writing is such a great way to cope with tough situations. Thanks again!

  5. hrrrrmph. and on we go… what a waste of time for folks to be so busy with negativity, let’s hope they find some love and maybe some candy corn of their own.. or maybe some Pumpkin Hershey Kisses!

  6. Yes, there are some nasty people out there but don’t ever let them get to you or affect you. Yours is a great blog and their anonymous criticisms aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. All we can do is hope that they get the help they need once they leave their parents’ basements.

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