Catching up on the Good Stuff

I mentioned last week that I have been CRAVING a Sunday.  With the Bears off today and a holiday tonight, this isn’t a typical Sunday, but I have been using the entire weekend to catch up on some of the stuff I enjoy.


For example…



IMAG0624 IMAG0625 IMG_7852

IMG_7885 IMG_7880


Perusing the farmer’s market, getting a pedicure, and buying fun new foods at World Market (amongst other shopping stops), and creating new fall recipes.


And let’s not forget…Pancakes!




The BOY said he wasn’t that hungry this morning, so I went ahead and made myself a batch of Fab Five Banana Pancake Minis from Hungry Girl.  When I was new to the kitchen, the Hungry Girl cookbooks served as great inspiration and easy recipes for me to make.  These pancakes were always a weekend favorite!  I haven’t made them in awhile, and they are definitely worthy of being shared on the blog.  In fact, I think they are even better than I remember!


IMG_7887 IMG_7886


These pancakes come from the HG 200 under 200 book in the breakfast section.  The recipe comes together quickly with ingredients that you already have in your cupboard and fridge, which makes it perfect for a quick, yet decadent morning meal.


IMG_7889 IMG_7892


You can top your pancakes with anything you like.  This morning, I went with fresh figs and strawberries from the farmer’s market and a drizzle of agave.



IMG_7899 IMG_7900


Served with tea, it was the ideal Sunday breakfast!




Now, I am off to catch up on another good thing…HOT YOGA!

I hope your Sunday is all that you want it to be! 



Anyone else starting their day with pancakes and yoga?



Fab Five Banana Pancake Minis

From Hungry Girl 200 under 200


1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup mashed ripe banana (about half a banana’s worth)

3 tablespoons fat free egg substitute (I used 1 egg white)

1 tablespoon light vanilla soymilk (or almond milk)

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 splenda packet (I omit this…trust me, you don’t need it!)

Dash salt

Dash Cinnamon (I use more)



In a small bowl combine all dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, sweetener, salt and cinnamon) until mixed well.

In a separate bowl, combine mashed banana with all wet ingredients (egg substitute, soymilk, and vanilla extract) until mixed thoroughly.

Bring a large pan sprayed with nonstick spray to medium heat. Pour batter in the pan to form five mini pancakes. Once the pancakes begin to look solid, after about 1-2 minute, gently flip.

Cook for an additional minute, or until both sides are lightly browned and insides are cooked through.

Plate and top with all of your favorites!


Note: I also used this recipe to create these Sweet Potato Pancakes (for one).

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