What To Do…

To bike or to run?  Ahh…this is the Saturday morning question!




Things to consider…I really should bike being that next weekend I am supposed or ride 60 miles, BUT I am really in the mood to lace up my light weight runners (now that my toe is almost fully healed) and take advantage of this 60 degree weather.


I’m sure you are thinking…this is an easy decision…do one today and the other tomorrow, but Sunday is dedicated to yoga and with the craziness that has been these last 2 weeks, yoga is where I will be.




One of the best things about fall (that I tend to comment on every year) is that with the weather getting cooler, I don’t have to run out the door before the sun is up to get in a workout. I can sit, enjoying my brekkie and tea and share my inner bike v run debate with you (as if you really care) before heading out he door at 9:30am.


And the winner is….






It has been a long while since I’ve done any sort of distance run.  Mostly this is because of my toe. Now ~6 weeks after breaking the baby toe on my left foot, I am finally to a point where I can go day to day without thinking about it.  Accomplishments include fitting my foot into my bike shoes and ballet flats, jumping rope, standing on one foot, and as of this morning I was ready to try running in my minimalist shoes.  Every now and again, I get a twinge of pain with a funny move, but those moments are few and far between.


With the gorgeous morning and the Chicago marathon approaching (I’m not running it but wish that I was), I had the ambitious idea to run 8 miles.  Ambitious maybe…but totally doable!





Fast Forward 2 hours…

I finished my 8 miles in 72 minutes.  I haven’t run more than 5 miles in the past 2 months, so it was definitely a challenging run.  I crashed a bit on the last mile, but still maintained an average of 9 minute/miles.  I’m feeling pretty slow (as noted by my time), and I have a ways to go if I want to hit my PR half marathon goal by the end of the year, but it was great to be back out running a longer distance run.  Based on my runners high, I made the right decision.


Up Next…

The search for Candy Corn Oreos begins!!!

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