Desperately Seeking Sunday

Wow, I could really use a Sunday!!! 

And by this, I mean a quiet day off to do all of my favorite Sunday things.  Sadly, last Sunday I was in class, so there was no Bears Game with chili for me.  Total Bummer!  As I was sitting in class last weekend, I began thinking about all of my favorite Sunday things that after a crazy busy summer, I am desperately craving.  All week, I have been counting down the days to the weekend, so that I could possibly spend my Sunday like this…


Starting with…Pancakes!!!




Sunday just isn’t the same without pancakes for breakfast.  This time of year, it is all about the pumpkin!  Or my favorite sweet potato pancakes (which I discovered living in Memphis).  Either way, there are tons of recipes to choose from!


And Tea (black to be specific)…




Then off to my favorite Hot Yoga class!


Followed by…A trip to the local market.




Mid-September, I am stocking my basket with Honeycrisp apples and whatever squash is in season.


Then it’s back home…To throw chili into the crockpot




My current favorite is this hearty Vegetarian Chili, but my crockpot always gets a workout fall through winter.


Next up…catch up on some blogging

I need to update my Recipe Page for sure and there are always some old (circa 2010) posts that need work.


Meanwhile, the noon Bear’s game is recording while the BOY is hard at work in the library.




Perhaps then, I should begin a few loads of laundry which doesn’t sound like fun, but after 2 weeks is totally necessary around here.  Meanwhile, catching up on DVRed episodes of Girls, The Closer, or Grey’s Anatomy.


The oven is heated…It is time to bake!

Cornbread goes into the oven.




Decisions…decisions…sweet cornbread or blackberry?  They are both so good!  Although I have been eyeing this recipe for Blueberry Corn Muffins on Emily’s site.


Sometime around 5pm, the library closes and the BOY returns home exhausted.  Luckily, we have a Bears game recorded and the house smells strongly of fall.  It is officially time to change into my jersey for Sunday Funday festivities.




A seasonal beer is poured




Dinner is served




As I curl comfortably up on the couch to enjoy a satisfying dinner and (hopefully) a victorious game by the Bears (some years this is more likely than others).


Until, of course, dessert is ready.

Most likely, this too involves pumpkin




ie Pumpkin Blondies or Pumpkin Dump Cake (pictured above)


By 9:00, the game is over (it goes much faster when you can fast forward commercials), and I am ready to collapse into bed.  There are tons of things that didn’t get done, but that is the beauty of having Mondays off.  Tomorrow, I can go to the grocery store, get in a long run, finish the laundry, make food for the week, balance my checkbook, and blog all about it.


Whether out with friends…




Or spending the day at home with company…




Fall Sundays are ALWAYS my favorite!!!




Which is why I am desperately seeking Sunday!!!



What is your favorite way to spend Sunday?

Does anyone else have a fall Sunday routine?

9 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Sunday

  1. Your chili and the corn bread look so good. I would have skipped the meat too.
    On Sunday’s, the Hubby watches football with friends while I get the whole house to myself. Yea!. It usually involves a glass of wine, a fire and some DVR shows.

    • Love that whole house to myself feeling! I don’t get it very often, so wine is a must. When I lived in Memphis, I had a fire place. I used it all winter long and definitely miss it. Thanks for the comment. I love hearing about everyone’s relaxing day!

  2. I was just thinking about how much I used to love waking up and watching cartoons on the weekend when I was a kid, nothing to do the whole day. I miss those days some, but then I realize all the great things I experience now like farmers’ markets and football and baking and shopping and so much more. Hopefully some of your Sundays will live up to your expectations.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I love a relaxed, yet productive Sunday with good food and fun friends. I am determined to have many of them this fall and throughout the winter when it’s really much better to stay inside anyways : )

  3. From Mom:

    maybe a favorite hot yoga class with my favorite daughter
    AH, some knitting…. and a bit of shopping to use those sunday funday newspaper coupons!
    and… hours sitting at starbucks with a PUMPKIN latte, the above mentioned knitting and friends, old and new… there are often interesting folk at Starbucks!

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