One Beautiful Breakfast

I woke up on Labor Day at a crowded camp site.  It wasn’t as calm as we might have liked, but the Dam did provide a marvelous backdrop for one last breakfast before hitting the road.


IMG_7816 IMG_7817


These steps were directly behind our camp site.  Making my way down proved harder than you would think after hiking 23 miles.




And because I had 2 nasty blisters on my feet from hiking in gym shoes.  Note to self…check out REI for hiking boots stat!


IMG_7809 IMG_7810


On to a much more beautiful view…




The Tippy Dam, where we had warm morning beverages and whatever food was leftover for breakfast, with this adorable new friend.


IMG_7806 IMG_7814


It was the perfect way to end our 3 day trip!








I’m looking forward to our next adventure!



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9 thoughts on “One Beautiful Breakfast

  1. Ouch- those blisters look painful! How are they doing now?
    I bought hiking boots last year after trying to tackle some hikes with serious elevation. My advice would be to get Goretex!
    I loved all your photos…beautiful!

    • Thank you and thanks for the boot advice. I’m hoping to catch a pair on sale this fall, and to plan for many more hikes in my future! I felt great the next day. I happend to have a derm appt, and he took care of the blisters for me, so I was back in my running shoes quickly : )

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