Backpacking Recap Day 2

You can tell that I am in class this weekend because my mind is too fried to come up with more creative blog titles…ha ha!  In case you missed it, here is the Day 1 Recap and the homemade Hiker’s Grub.




We woke up Day 2 in our tent along the river.  We heated up some more water for tea/coffee and then ate breakfast while discussing our plan for the day.  We repacked up our gear and headed back out on the trail.




Only one slight problem…we had no idea which way to go!  Somehow the day before, we found our way along a side trail with no suspension bridge in site and weren’t exactly sure if we were north or south of the bridge.  Our map was not so helpful, but luckily during breakfast some kayakers paddled past our tent and were able to point us in the right direction.  We easily made our way back to the main trail laughing at how hard it would have been to miss the well marked trail, but all agreeing that this was the BEST mistake ever because it led us to our stellar camp site.




Back in the forest…along the trail…and making our way to the suspension bridge….



IMG_7621 IMG_7622


The first sighting…




Brought much excitement!  We crossed the bridge and began our hike south along the Manistee River Trail.


IMG_7641 IMG_7642


At the north end, the trail followed closely along the river and then zigged and zagged through the forest and back to the river.  We joked about all of the ‘ecosystems’ that we saw throughout our hike.




One of my favorite sites was the waterfall!




IMG_7679 IMG_7691 IMG_7697


Midday, we stopped for lunch along a ledge overlooking the river.




IMG_7707 IMG_7715


Don’t you wish your lunch view always looked like this?




After lunch, we proceeded north.  This side of the river was filled with stunning views and interesting people!




IMG_7711 IMG_7732






IMG_7737 IMG_7747






We kept our eyes open for the perfect camp site, but didn’t find anything near the river.  Instead, we found ourselves 11 miles back south right where we started, feeling tired and hungry.  We were able to trade some muffins for a few beers and set up our camp site for dinner. 


IMG_7797 IMG_7798


And a little more Beth Cooper with Peanut Butter Chocolate deliciousness!




After hiking ~23 miles with all of our gear in 2 days, we were pretty exhausted.  We slept well although our popular camp site near the Dam was not nearly as peaceful and serene as Day 1’s river site.

3 thoughts on “Backpacking Recap Day 2

    • It was a really neat feeling of feeling quiet and serene, but then you would pass by another group of hikers, so you knew you weren’t totally alone. I loved it! Being along the river was the best part!

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