UnCommon Race

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement with my 10 Healthy Habits!  It’s been a rejuvenating weekend, allowing me to make some much needed deposits into my sleep bank, attend a yoga class, and participate in a fun and unique bike ride.




A coworker of mine found a Groupon for the Chicago Urban Assault Ride sponsored by New Belgium.  It is a 2 person team race, and I was so excited when she invited me to join along.  Who doesn’t love a day of beer, bikes, and big wheels? 


IMAG0511 IMG_7228


The race began right across from Wrigley Field.


 IMG_7230 IMG_7232


By the time we arrived, the parking lot was full of teams with bikes wearing great costumes!


IMG_7229 IMG_7239


We arrived in matching TMNT Tshirts representing our team, the TENACIOUS TURTLES!  Our Tshirts were super popular throughout the day getting numerous comments and much respect.  Turtles in a half shell…




When the race began, we all ran to our bikes.





Hopped on our bikes and made our way east to the lake.  The lakefront was busy with the Air and Water Show, so we wanted to go there first before it got too busy.




The purpose of the race is to make it to all the checkpoints (including 2 mystery checkpoints) and complete the challenges, earning beads before making your way back to the start.




My favorite was the one where I had to ride on my bike holding a pool noodle while trying to catch rings thrown to me by my partner.  It was awesome (and I somehow managed to stay on my bike without falling off).


IMG_7258 IMG_7259

IMG_7264 IMG_7268 


We used the map as need to find the most direct routes.  In the end, we rode almost 20 miles (not including our ride to and from the race) making our way all over the city.




After completing all of our obstacles, we rode back to Wrigley with a final sprint to the last challenge.




The big wheels!!!


IMAG0512 IMAG0513


We made our way to the finish line completing the race in…well actually, I have no idea how long it took us to finish, but it was probably the most fun 20 miles that I have ever done.  Even with road rash on my leg.  Ps, that is from the Big Wheel : )


IMG_7287 IMG_7292


After the race, we went straight to the beer tent for a SHIFT!




And then the real celebration began!!!  There were raffles, costume contests, and the famous mustache man dance competition.


IMG_7301 IMG_7302



By the time the festivities were over, we were all starving!  On the way down to the race, we rode past a restaurant called UnCommon Ground that I have been wanting to try.  We decided it would be the perfect stop for lunch on our way back home.  It was the most beautiful (almost fall feeling day), and we got to sit outside for a fantastic lunch while the jets blazed overhead!


IMAG0521 IMAG0524


Tell me this isn’t the coolest bathroom that you have ever seen?


IMAG0522 IMAG0523


UnCommon Ground is known for using local produce whenever possible.  They even have their own patio garden with a huge variety of veggies and herbs.





It was the perfect way to end the day!





Have you ever done a fun or unique race?


The Urban Assault Race was incredible and my family just completed a mud run too!  My friends and I are already looking for next adventure race…any suggestions???

8 thoughts on “UnCommon Race

  1. ok, next year a family team at the very least…. and/or what a great cousins event… right by vines on clark too!!!!!

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