Will Hike for Pizza

There were so many incredible Lake Michigan pictures that I felt they deserved their own post.  Plus, the BOY and I came up with this title while we were hiking in Whitefish Dunes State Park on Friday.  We came up with another alternative title, which you will see in Chapter 2.  If you are not so into nature pictures, then just scroll on down to Chapter 2 for the food!


Chapter 1

Will Hike for Pizza










IMG_6731 IMG_6746




IMG_6780 IMG_6784



Chapter 2

The BOY and the ‘Fun Guy’


After a gorgeous hike, the BOY and I headed off to Wild Tomato for lunch.  Warning: we were super hungry, so there is a lot of food in these pictures.  Don’t judge us!


IMG_6793 IMG_6796


IMG_6800 IMG_6801

IMG_6802 IMG_6804




IMG_6810 IMG_6811




The Fun Guy
Definition: A mushroom pizza with five types of sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and caramelized onions on garlic cream cheese.



Chapter 3

We’re Baaack!


Embarrassing as this is to admit, we headed back to Wild Tomato for dinner after kayaking on Sunday.  All I can tell you is that I discovered a new awesome beer which was suggested by our kayak guide (Alaskan White) and the Best Cheese Curds EVER!  I went with the salmon sandwich and I all I can say is DELISH!


IMG_7079 IMG_7080




IMG_7083 IMG_7085






Somehow There Was Room for Dessert


IMG_7090 IMG_7091


IMG_7092 IMG_7093

8 thoughts on “Will Hike for Pizza

  1. Oh gosh… I’m so jealous right now! The Wild Tomato menu was so impressive when we were there, but we only had the Fun Guy pizza and the bread basket. That mac and cheese, sandwich, and cheese curds look amazing! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with two meals in two days at the same amazing restaurant!

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