Door County Happiness Day 1

I should warn you…this post required a whole lotta pictures to capture all the HAPPY that we packed into our first day in Door County.  I think the first HAPPY of our trip was discovering this adorable room in a quaint Inn run by friendly staff right in the heart of Fish Creek.




We stayed at the Cedar Court Inn.  The room was bright and clean and captured that homey feel.


IMG_6651 IMG_6652

IMG_6653 IMG_6654


One of the highlights (along with the whirlpool tub and fireplace) was this back porch.  Did I mention that they also have a pool???  And a safe place to store my bike in the courtyard!


IMG_6655 IMG_6656


When you book online, it is hard to know what to expect.  The BOY and I were thrilled with our room, and I highly recommend the Cedar Court Inn!  Because the weather was so amazing, we were able to keep the windows and porch door open most days and used the fire place when we wanted some warmth at night.




After a quiet night in town, we woke up Saturday morning with the sun streaming through the windows.  I popped out of bed and started getting ready for HAPPY #2…a Bike Ride!




The BOY hauled my bike all the way up to Door County in the rain and it was my goal to ride every day.  With my broken toe, I am taking a short break from running, so it was easy to focus on biking, especially with Peninsula State Park less than a mile from my door!  It was the perfect morning for a bike ride with the weather in the low 70’s and a strong wind.  I headed north out of town along Route 42 towards the park.


IMAG0320 IMAG0321


3/4 of a mile later, I arrived at the park entrance…




And hopped on to the 9.6 mile Sunset Trail.  I actually wasn’t sure how long the trail was when I began, but discovered that this loop, which begins and ends at the front of the park is a combination of two gravel and paved trails that take you through multiple areas of the park with spectacular views!




2 minutes into the trail and I was feeling more relaxed than I have been in months.  The forest preserve was quiet and still with only a few runners along the trail.


IMAG0328 IMAG0329 

IMAG0330 IMAG0332


The bay views left me speechless!




Which ya’ll know is hard to do!




Each morning, I took plenty of pictures of all these spectacular views as I explored different areas of the park.  There are way too many to put into this post, but if you love nature photos (like I do), then I promise you more to come!




When I made my way back to the Inn, the BOY was waiting for me outside.




It was on to HAPPY #3…a hike through Whitefish Dunes State Park.




We discovered the Cave Point trail last summer and decided to try something a little different by hiking here this year.


IMG_6705 IMG_6706


We started on the beach and walked our way north along the rocks.












The wind was strong and the waves were high and harsh.  It wasn’t a great day for swimming, but a beautiful day for hiking.






IMG_6764 IMG_6766


We loved the views of the water and playing around in the park!


IMG_6774 IMG_6777


We worked up quite an appetite leading us to lunch at Wild Tomato aka HAPPY #4.




This is our favorite restaurant in Door County and it serves some amazing farm fresh pizza with local Wisconsin cheese.  And their beer selection is the best!


IMG_6810 IMG_6803


We made it home with enough time for a 2 and a half hour nap (enter HAPPY #5), a little time to start a new book (HAPPY #6) before heading off to Gordon’s Lodge for HAPPY #7 Dinner.


IMG_6854 IMG_6842


We have never been to Gordon’s Lodge before, and I was super excited to check out the sunset.  Sadly, it was too windy to sit outside, but we had a seat by the window with the perfect view of the sun setting over the water.




I snuck out to the deck to grab a few shots of the sun in between bites of a tasty seafood dinner!


IMG_6860 IMG_6861

IMG_6868 IMG_6869


Dinner was capped off with 2 delicious mini desserts (crème brulee for the BOY and a fresh cherry cobbler for me).


IMG_6878 IMG_6879


We managed to make the most of our first day in Door County, packing a lot of my favorite things into one awesome day.  This is why Door County is one of my favorite places to visit and why these trips always leave me feeling so HAPPY!



11 thoughts on “Door County Happiness Day 1

  1. Seeing all of your pictures makes me SO jealous! I love Peninsula State Park and Whitefish Dunes–JP and I spent hours exploring when we were in DC for our honeymoon a few years ago!

    And Wild Tomatoes–YUM! My stomach is growling and it’s only 10:30! I could really go for a slice of Fun Guy Pizza right about now!

    Glad you had a fun, relaxing trip!

    • What an incredible place to spend your honeymoon! I love that you know all of my favorite places and understand why this weekend was SO special! The BOY and I have talked about how cool it would be to get married up in DC, although we really have no immediate plans for that ; )

      We brought home a few slices of leftover pizza and they were just as good reheated. I hope you get back up there again soon. I here the fall is a beautiful time to visit!

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