My Chicago Weekend in Pictures

I should warn you…this post highlights such an exciting weekend that at the very least you will want to visit Chicago and most likely want to join my family.  This is totally okay!




Despite just getting over a cold and breaking my toe, I had the best weekend!  My aunt, cousins, and their families all came to Chicago for the weekend, and we spent 3 days together exploring different areas of the city, discussing life, competing in the Rugged Maniac, eating, watching the Olympics, playing games, laughing, and enjoying every minute hanging out together.  By Sunday night, I was wiped out!  But, it was totally worth every (sometimes slightly painful…damn toe) moment! 

Here are some of the highlights!



The Willis Tower




IMG_6246 IMG_6247

IMG_6248 IMG_6249






IMG_6288 photo



The Aquarium






IMAG0261 IMAG0258 IMAG0255


IMAG0268 IMAG0284



Walking and Playing in Chicago


IMG_6304 IMG_6306




IMG_6317 IMG_6318



Apples to Apples


IMG_6372 IMG_6373

IMG_6371 IMG_6374

IMG_6392 IMG_6375



The Chicago-Themed Food


IMG_6358 IMG_6359


IMG_6360 IMG_6363


IMG_6361 IMG_6362


IMG_6370 IMG_6607



Rugged Maniac




IMG_6547 IMG_6548

IMG_6559 IMG_6560



Sunday Funday


IMG_6619 METS V CUBS 6-12 032


IMG_6616 METS V CUBS 6-12 029




IMG_6625 IMG_6626

IMG_6628 IMG_6633

IMG_6635 IMG_6637


IMG_6643 METS V CUBS 6-12 044



I warned you it was a FUN weekend!!!

9 thoughts on “My Chicago Weekend in Pictures

  1. It was an amazing weekend. I’m surprised that the David mud-in-face picture didn’t make the cut. But I guess there were so many great pictures to choose from.

    • I definitely used the picture of David’s face plant on the Mud Run post, but felt it was rude to post it two days in a row…although it is a pretty awesome picture! Thanks for a fantastic weekend! I can’t wait for our next family get together!

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