Broken Bummer

This is not typical pre race prep!




Yesterday was the Rugged Maniac 5k Race in Wilmot, Wisconsin, and I did not participate.




Because…on Thursday night, my little toe had not one, but three run ins with different pieces of furniture leaving it black and blue and officially broken.  Kinesiotape could not save it for yesterday’s race.




And instead, I spent a lot of time this weekend hobbling around, watching, the Olympics, and icing my bum foot.


IMG_6357 IMG_6377


What makes everything even worse, is that my amazing family was in town visiting from the east coast.  For this reason, I taped my toes together and braved walking around Chicago to show them the city on Friday. 




It’s been almost 15 years since we’ve had family out to visit, so my whole family was super excited and really looking forward to the weekend.  We spent Friday downtown (pictures and posts to come) and then Saturday was the Durrty Cuzzn’s Mud Run complete with brightly colored team tshirts (courtesy of QiQi Collection Designs).




The day looked to be a beautiful one and our wave didn’t go off until 11am.  We all hopped into the car to drive the hour up north to the Wisconsin border.


IMG_6396 IMG_6400


When we left, I wasn’t sure if I would be participating in the days event.  Luckily, I had an understudy ready to go…my brother!.


IMG_6399 IMG_6402


We had three cars of participants, cheerleaders, and ‘press’ that arrived up at Wilmot a little before 10am on a warm and sunny morning.  My mom was all geared up for her first mudder!




It took us a few minutes to get organized.  I tested out my toe with a jog and decided that it would not be a good idea to run.  Based on the pain in my foot along with all the tightness in my ankle, knee, and hip after favoring it on Friday, plus the huge hills and obstacles I was staring at for the Rugged Maniac, it seemed smart to sit this one out.  But, I was totally bummed!


IMG_6405 IMG_6406


Go Team Durrty Cuzzns!!!







We dropped the brightly colored kids off at the bounce house, and I joined my dad as part of the press taking pictures of the athletes.  We made our way over to the starting line.  In the Rugged Maniac races, the teams start in 15 minute waves throughout the morning.  One of my cousins and his wife had done this race in NJ earlier in the summer, so they were the team captains.






Getting into the starting area proved to be the first challenge!


IMG_6428 IMG_6431

IMG_6430 IMG_6432


See you later!




Hooray Press Team!




The runners started by sprinting up a HUGE ski hill.


IMG_6448 IMG_6449

IMG_6450 P8041170


Then back down the hill where we were waiting to cheer them on!


IMG_6457 IMG_6459


They were all smiles as they joked and danced their way down before heading off to their first obstacle.


IMG_6460  P8041175


They climbed up and over their first set of wood ladders.




And then hit the first patch of mud with enthusiasm!


IMG_6475 IMG_6478

IMG_6482 IMG_6485

IMG_6488 IMG_6497


They continued on their way towards mile 1.  At this point, my dad and I lost the team for awhile, but my brother took his waterproof camera along for the ride, which made for some awesome pictures and videos.


IMG_6499 P8041186


They headed off to do some more tough obstacles before we were able to catch up with them again at the mud slide.



P8041191 P8041195


The moment I saw this slide, I was so jealous!  I had about 20 minutes while I was waiting for my family to watch everyone cruise down and crash into the huge pile of mud and it looked like a blast!  I have a feeling you may see pictures of me on this slide next summer!



IMG_6527 IMG_6531


At the bottom of the slide, the team hit the 3 mile marker. 




But the race packed some serious obstacles into the last few yards!


IMG_6536 IMG_6545


Including this fantastic face plant!






Tired, but in good spirits, everyone raced towards the finish for one last wall!




They finished together as a team still laughing their way across the finish line and straight to the water station.




The Durrty Cuzzn’s made an impressive team powering their way through high heat, big hills, and cool mud slides.  We were all super proud of my mom who wins the award for making the most friends along the course, and my brother did a great job as a last minute entry.


IMG_6569 IMG_6572


We spent the most wonderful day together as a family! 




And there is already talk about our next family adventure (a triathlon) in 2013!  The racers showered off and we stopped for some lunch making it home just before a huge thunder storm rolled in. 




After a day on my feet, my toe was rather sore, so I went back to the couch with my peas to watch the triathlon.


IMG_6597 IMG_6599


With the rain pouring, we hosted everyone back at our house to watch the day’s Olympic games, snack on some more delicious food, play Apples to Apples, and of course the racers relaxed with their evening massage : )




After a muddy day, they deserved it!

I am sad that I missed out on the opportunity to race with my cousins today, but it was so fun to be able to cheer them through the obstacles and capture it all on film!  I will definitely be in for the next family race…I’m sure my toe will be healed by then!

10 thoughts on “Broken Bummer

    • I love that plan! There are definitely some leftover sweets in the house and more than enough Olympics to catch up on. I’m just hoping it heals well enough for some fun activity in Door County this weekend!

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