Olympic Fever

With like 3 hours of free time last night, I got caught up on my weekend race recap and the Olympics.  Did anyone else have tears in their eyes watching the women’s gymnastics team come together on the floor???  For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED the Olympics…and the summer games are definitely my favorite.  For obvious reasons, I’m a huge gymnastics fan (I lived in a gym for 12 years of my life), but I am digging the swimming and cycling as well.  Especially now that I know the big biker names from the Tour de France.  Next weekend, I’m hoping to catch the marathon, and I’ve never watched the triathlon before, but I am definitely going to DVR that.  The saddest thing for me about the Olympics is that I am at work all day and not at home on my couch discovering fun new sports and learning more about London!


This summer there has been tons of Olympic hype, and I am afraid that I have caught a serious case of Olympic fever!  This isn’t the first time though.  I can tell you stories of memorizing every detail of the girls gymnastics team in Atlanta and still remember the 1992 Dream Team poster that hung on my wall at overnight camp.  During those summers, my parents would send me cutouts from the newspaper to keep me posted on all the happenings while I was away.  At work, we are all such Olympic fans that we have the kids participating in athletic events and are rewarding them with cutout paper medals.  They are so motivated to get involved (especially in the pool), and the fever has spread!


It’s hard not to get all pumped up when magazines like this continue to arrive in your mailbox!




I got this magazine last month and immediately began flipping through the pages.  My Mom signed me up for Women’s Running at the marathon expo, and I am a huge fan.  It is a passionately written magazine that never ceases to inspire me.  For example, this Founder’s Note (titled Fever) concludes with this paragraph that just made me smile!




I too have always had Olympic dreams and hopes (even just to be a spectator would be incredible), and I channel my inner athlete during my weekly workouts and of course this weekend’s triathlon.  I will be dreaming of and continue to prepare my body for the 2048 Olympic games : )  What about you?


I’m guessing by the amount of people I have seen biking to/from work, the fact that road races continuously sell out, and the general enthusiasm for activity that running and biking are on the rise.  I came across this statistic in the magazine a few pages later.  How amazing that so many women are seeking out and attempting this awesome middle distance race.




I also came across this question, and was curious to know…what is your answer???




For me, it is definitely Number 2!!!  If you haven’t read Women’s Running and you’re looking for some inspiration, I highly recommend that you check it out.  Their blog, which often features bloggers that you know on the run, is also a joy to read!


Have you caught the Olympic Fever?

What sports are your all time favorites and what new ones have you discovered this year?



The Olympics are super exciting and will inspire me all month and into the fall (my favorite running season).  I still have my goal of  a half marathon PR this year that will require some training.  And I have found some interesting distance races (9k and 25k) that I am recruiting friends and family to run with me.  August 1st has snuck up on me, and I can’t believe that the first half of the year has flown by.  This past month has been an eventful one, and the Olympics came at the perfect time to carry me through a few stressful weeks.  I am looking forward to an Awesome August (details to come) with a whole lot of family and fun!


July Goals

Commute by bike

     –I did it!  I loved it!  And I can’t wait to do it again!  Speaking of bikes, this tribute to my bike is one of my favorite posts of the month!

Avoid white flour and sugar in an attempt to loose a few more LB’s around my middle

     -Making progress, but I will continue to work on this through the fall.  This has been especially challenging with sweets such as cookie brittle, cake batter fudge, pancakes, and this insanely good blueberry muffin French toast in the house.  Trust me…if you haven’t already, you should check out THAT recipe!

Make veggies the star of my meals (especially the green ones)

     -This has been tough being grill season and all because the BOY has been making some fantastic dinners, and I just can’t say no to a premade dinner when I walk in the door after a long day of work.

Get moving ever day

     -This has been my favorite goal to accomplish!  I have been adding in walks, casual bike rides, and some other fun activities with the BOY in an attempt to move every day.

Enjoy every mile of my 2012 triathlon!

     -Yes…I loved every minute, even the swim.  Read all about it here!


And in case that doesn’t give you enough detail of what I’ve been up to…check out my first ever Lately, I’ve Beenpost!  For the best no bake recipes of the summer, this post will have your mouth watering!



August Goals

***Since this is a super busy month and we are out of town a few weekends, I’m keeping the goals simple!

-Avoid MORE white flour and sugar in an attempt to shrink my middle

-Make yoga (classes and home practice) a priority to keep stress levels in check

-Sign up for some local road races

-Get moving on vacation!

10 thoughts on “Olympic Fever

  1. Do you know what the favorite food of a old lady quilter? Chocolate. Ask any quilter. They will tell you that chocolate is important to have on hand when quilting. The evening recape of the Olypics is keeping me from getting chores done at night. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve been loving the Olympics this year! With my husband’s newfound love of Triathlon, I’m definitely anxiously awaiting that, as well as the marathon! Swimming and cycling have been really fun to watch, too!

    Will you be doing Fox Cities this fall? It’s a great course for a PR! 😉

    • Ohh….I don’t know about this half, but I am heading to the website tight now. Thanks for the suggestion. Keep them coming! I am not doing the other Fox Rivers race : (, so I will definitely check this one out. I love all the flat races in that area. They have such beautiful courses and fall is the best time to run!

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