1 Week To Go

The TOUR is over, but sadly my class is not : (




Even though I’m back in class tomorrow, I stayed up a little later than expected tonight to watch the exciting finish to the Tour de France.  It was fun to view this impressive race over the past three weeks, and I have a whole new knowledge and appreciation for this international spectacle.  I am all hyped up for the Olympics and more importantly, my first (and most likely only) triathlon of the summer next Sunday!


Although this weekend has not been ideal for training (or blogging), I have been able to get in some bike rides (Hello Bike Commuter!) and runs.  I am slacking on the swimming (story of my life), but since there is no expectations or pressure for this race, I’m not stressed, just excited!


Speaking of stressed, spending 6 days in class (instead of my usual 3 day weekend) has been rough on me.  Luckily, the BOY was in charge of dinner tonight, and he prepared us an amazing dinner or shrimp fajitas.  He made one spicy version using a salsa pepper from my friend’s garden and one less spicy.


IMG_5809 IMG_5811


Both were incredible!  We combined them with grilled veggies…




And added in the fixin’s needed for a tasty dinner!




We even had enough leftovers for me to take for lunch tomorrow.  For dessert, we had a special treat.  The red, white, and blue bottle was awesome looking and the champagne even better!


IMG_5805 IMG_5804


Since I’m in charge of the course breakfast tomorrow, I made a fruit salsa and by request, some fig and date bars tonight before settling in to fold some laundry and finish the tour.




The fig bars also made a great dessert tonight!

I apologize for post of random thoughts, but that is just where my brain is at right now.  I think they call that fried!  Only two more days of class and then two more days of work and then we are off to Wisconsin for the triathlon weekend.  Hooray!



Race Countdown: 1 week to Triathlon Time!!!

7 thoughts on “1 Week To Go

  1. Good luck with your 1st triathlon! I can see why you want to do this for the 1st time and last time, it takes so much preparation! It drives me crazy when my wife preps for her triathlon…lol. As for me, I’ll be taking it easy with my first century ride of the year on the same day…lol. Good luck with your competition. Hope you have a good wet suit 🙂

    • Enjoy your ride! I’m actually pretty sad that I’m only doing one tri this summer, but that is all life will allow for this season. Next year…onto to bigger and faster! This fall…onto my longest ride (maybe even a century)!

    • Thank you!
      I am such a sucker for fun and creative advertising, but it was totally worth it for the good chamagne! I’ll have to pick up another bottle for after the race!

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