Pancake Friday

Although yesterday felt like Friday, this morning it is finally actually Friday!  There was some discussion last weekend about implementing a Sunday pancake day.  Since this Sunday is too busy for pancakes, and next weekend, I will be in class again so there will be no fun breakfasts at all, I decided today would be Pancake Friday.


I used Tina’s OMG. Pancakes! recipe for inspiration this morning, and I had the perfect banana for the job.




Using my immersion wand, I mixed together all of the ingredients.




And then got a little fancy by adding in some fresh blueberries.




I swear, I must be the worst pancake flipper ever because my pancakes always turnout a bit off, which means they are almost impossible to stack.


IMG_5628 IMG_5629


But they taste incredible, none the less.  Especially the ones with the warm gooey blueberries!!!




I loaded up my pancakes with fresh fruit.



IMG_5634 IMG_5636


The BOY headed off to work, and I settled in to eat my breakfast and begin catching up on a week’s worth of the Tour (beginning with some time trials).




I scheduled my training session today at 10AM so I would be able to sleep in and have a little down time this morning, which was awesome.  And it gave me enough time to try a new pancake recipe (which may be my new favorite filling breakfast)!




In other news, there was some serious excitement on my way to work this week as a helicopter hovered above the future home of Mariano’s (which is like 1 mile from our house).  I couldn’t tell what they were dropping in, but it was a huge block of something while all of the workers watched from the parking lot and us commuters stared form our cars. The good thing is that they are getting closer and closer to their fall opening, which makes me really HAPPY!  I see Mariano’s popping up everywhere and I am thrilled to have one so close to our house.  You can guarantee that I will keep you posted on the progress!


IMAG0001 IMAG0002 IMAG0003 


It was almost as exciting as watching the final riders in the Stage 9 time trials!  I’m on the edge of my seat hoping I will be able to see the finish before I have to head out for my workout.  Thank goodness for DVR!



(Super Easy) Banana Flax Pancakes

Adapted from Carrots & Cake

1 overripe banana

1 egg

1/4 cup almond meal

2 tbsp ground flax seed

Cinnamon to taste

Blueberries if desired


Combine all ingredients using a blender, immersion wand, or food processor, scraping the sides as needed.

Heat skillet on medium and spray with cooking spray.  Place batter on skillet using 1/4 measuring cup.  Heat pancakes a few minutes until batter begins to bubble.  Flip and heat other side for another ~2 minutes.

Serve pancakes with fresh fruit or nuts.

5 thoughts on “Pancake Friday

    • With the blueberries, you can barely taste the banana. Otherwise they do have some banana flavor. I don’t think you can compare them to a restraunt style buttermilk pancake, but they have the same texture (which is surprising!) and I think they taste like a ‘healthy’ pancake.

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