Ode to My Bike

Is anyone watching the Tour de France this weekend?




I was actually at my dentist yesterday morning, having a massive cavity filled when he asked if I was watching the tour.  I actually bought my road bike from my dentist, so biking is a shared interest of ours. This probably sounds a bit odd except for the fact that the BOY’s mom has worked at this office for almost 30 years and the dentist is also a friend.


I really haven’t been watching much TV, but I was excited to come home and turn on the Tour while enjoying a relaxing day at home catching up on emails, cleaning, and appointments.



What amazes me most is how fast these guys can go, along narrow roads, up and down hills, through obstacles, while maintaining close contact with each other.  And on top to this they can easily stretch, pass food back and forth, or hang out to a car for a doctor’s visit.  It’s crazy how comfortable these guys are on their bikes!


IMG_5523 IMG_5524


I became interested in the Tour de France through one of my all time favorite spin instructors a few years ago.  She used the Lance Armstrong training program to build endurance on the bike, and she guided us through different stages during the course of the race.  It was so fun and exciting!  While I was watching in awe of these riders, it got me thinking about all of the good memories and adventures that I have had on my bike(s) over these past 3 years.  It’s crazy to me that up until June 2009, I hadn’t owned a bike since junior high.  Now, I own two!  What a luxury!


I am so thankful to my bikes because they offered me countless opportunities for exercise and adventure.  Here are a few of my favorite biker memories!



Buying My First Bike (and having to take it home on the train)





3 Years of Bike the Drive






My First Triathlon











Biking Around Green Lake





Buying a Road Bike





Countless BRICKS





The Olympic Distance Triathlon





Biking Across Door County





Exploring My Neighborhood





Meeting Other Bikers






Ok, so I just might be slightly obsessed with my bikes, but what can I say, I LOVE to ride!

Thank you bikes for motivating me out the door, keeping my heart and legs strong, and always being there for an escape when I need one!




And a thank you to the BOY for always safely attaching my bike to the car!  He is the best bike concierge ever!






Are you watching the Tour de France?  Where has your bike taken you?

14 thoughts on “Ode to My Bike

  1. A nice road bike is definitely on my wish list for next summer! I spend hours browsing Craigslist for good deals, only to realize I probably won’t get around to riding this summer… tons of great deals passed up. :-/ All of your bike posts make me REALLY want to get a bike, though!

    • Craig’s list is the best place to look (if you don’t have a dentist who wants to sell you his bike) and I would keep looking through the winter. There are some great deals on last year’s bikes and gear. Then you will be ready to go for all the exciting rides that await you next spring. If you’d really like to ride this year, then find a trail that rents bikes for the day. It’s just as much fun!

  2. We are watching the Tour-my husband is a “biker”. I actually don’t know how many bikes he has but we have a fourth of our basement is a bike shop where he fixes bikes (his and others). He also does all kinds of rides including the sagbrai (Wisconsin’s ride)-twice and the Colorado Rocky Mountain Tour-4 times.
    As I said we do watch the tour-I think the riders are amazing especially the sprints at the end of a stage! There must be a place deep inside these guys that they draw from!

    • I agree! They are incredible…especially the younger riders impress me with their ability to keep up and persevere, I can’t believe that you have a basement shop. That is amazing! I would love to be able to do more on my bike on my own but I just don’t have the time to learn right now. Enjoy the tour this week!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. What an awsome summary of your passion. Keep it up and hoping to see more posts of your bike(s) and races :). Oh and all the discussions on the Tour!

    • Thank you!!! I appreciate the encouragement.
      I have been thinking about trying a century ride this fall or atleast a distance PR. The furthest I have gone is ~50-55 miles in one day, so anything more than that would be exciting! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s tour coverage before the work week begins!

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