{Iced} Tea Sparkler

I love when it’s 9AM, you’ve already gotten in your workout and you have the entire day ahead of you!  What’s even better is that the BOY is out of town and my Mom is coming over for some lunch and shopping this afternoon!




Let’s be honest, with weather this hot, you don’t really have a choice but to get up early and hit the road.  This morning, I had a biking buddy which was a really nice treat (and helped me get out of bed so early).  We headed North up to Barrington, chatting the entire way.  19 miles later, we were back at my house and the 75 minute ride flew by.  He headed off to swim, and I hit the path for a 30 minute run.  AND…IT…WAS…BRUTAL!  So crazy hot, humid, sunny, everything.  I seriously collapsed on the couch in the air conditioning the second I walked in the door, and then realized I was super thirsty and needed some water stat!


With record breaking temperatures, I have been all about staying hydrated and coming up with fun drinks to cool me off.  My new favorite is a tea sparker!  Are you getting into the iced tea this summer?  With 100 degree weather, how could you not be?!  There is a billboard along my commute for a sparkling tea at Caribu Coffee.  I’d love to go try it, but I also figured I could easily make my own healthy version at home.


I have been brewing a whole bunch of loose tea since my lesson earlier this year.  My newest acquisition from Argo Tea is this Hibiscus Apple Tea, which came highly recommended by the staff.




When I opened it earlier in the week, the strong, sweet aroma was amazing!  You could seriously leave this out on your counter as an air freshener.




I brewed up some iced team in my favorite Crate and Barrel pitcher, and refrigerated it over night.  This pitcher is perfect because it is meant for hot and cold AND totally airtight to slide on its side into your fridge or a cooler on the go!




When I stopped drinking cut back on soda, I became a big fan of these Ice Mountain flavored waters that I buy at Costco. Surprisingly, even the BOY likes them! Combined with fruity tea, they make an refreshing (and calorie free) summer drink!




Just combine ~3/4 tea with ~1/4 cold plain or flavored sparkling water in a glass with some ice. 

Seriously, the word refreshing doesn’t even do this drink justice.  I am addicted!




Drink Up!!!


What cold drinks are keeping you cool this summer?



Here are some other blogger favorites worth trying!


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2 thoughts on “{Iced} Tea Sparkler

  1. I did a brick today too but I did it in reverse because I was nervous it would be too hot to run after my bike ride. Great job!

    I’m loving drinks made with apple cider vinegar. I’m sure I could make one at home but Bragg’s sells one that has apple cider vinegar and apple cider in it. It’s so tasty and really refreshing!

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