Have you ever been to Woodman’s???




This employee owned grocery store is typically found in Wisconsin, but we have a few popping up in Illinois too.  Someone recently asked me what makes Woodman’s so special?  Well, I will tell you that the whole shopping experience is really fun.  And it’s not just their creative decorations (although I always do enjoy them)!




Woodman’s has reasonably priced produce and a large bread and bakery section.  The BOY is a huge fan of the meat and claims that his new favorite hot dogs are ONLY sold here.  My favorite thing, besides the fact that the place is huge and the prices are incredible, is the baking aisle!!!




Have you ever seen so many chocolate (and other) chip options???  You should see how many flavors of pudding them have!!!




The BOY’s favorite place to get lost in the store???




You guessed it…it’s the cheese section!  They have plenty of unique cheeses from local Wisconsin farms, including cheese curds!




We left with a full cart of food for a seriously low price.  If you happen to find yourself driving by one of these super stores, go check it out.  But remember your cash (or debit card), they don’t take credit!




I had serious motivation for getting to Woodman’s this weekend…do you know what all of these goodies mean???




Yup…Tuesday was my TREAT DAY!!!  Which means, there are some mouth watering recipes to come…




Have you ever been to Woodman’s?  What did you think?

12 thoughts on “Woodman’s

  1. I miss Woody’s so much- it is an amazing low priced store. When we lived in N. Aurora I had one 5 minutes from my house, I wish they’d open them in MI!

    • Thank you!!! I appreciate the post!
      We love Woodman’s and are always happy to support your store. My boyfriend can’t get enough of those Klement hotdogs and I could spend hours in the baking section. Even my family gets excited to swing by the store and is jealous that we have one closer to us. We just wish we could get some of that Spotted Cow down here in IL : )

  2. I love shopping at Woodman’s. We started many years ago in the Janesville, WI store – we have camping property in Edgerton. I could only use it in the summers when we were camping until they opened one in Oak Creek, WI. I’m even happier that they’ll be opening one in Waukesha, WI in 2013 (wish it were sooner) which will be even closer to my home in Muskego.

    • Thanks for the post! I just saw a new one opening up near Madison (not sure on the exact city). It really is the perfect place to stop before a camping trip, and see what you are looking forward to 2013. Enjoy your summer and all of your camping!

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