Until Next Time

Take a look at my Wisconsin Weekend and Wisconsin Weekend Part II posts!


We enjoyed a spectacular weekend in Wisconsin, and I woke up Sunday morning feeling rejuvenated, yet slightly sad to be returning back to my work week.  Although I really do luv what I do, my days are busy and work can be exhausting (this doesn’t even include my workouts or commute), so I always appreciate a quiet weekend away to build my relationships and get active outdoors, especially when it involves the water!




I was one of the first to wake up on Sunday, but my Mom was not far behind.  We made some warm tea and headed down to the dock for 30 minutes of yoga.  The view was breath taking, not because it was any different than the day before, but more because of the calm, serene feeling the lake gave off as we moved through our poses focusing inward on our breath.  When we returned to the house, it seemed that there was some more activity.  The neighbor had found two baby raccoons causing quite a commotion with the dogs.


IMG_5301 IMG_5302


Throughout the weekend, there was a lot of discussion about healthy green smoothies for breakfast.  As everyone started to make their way downstairs, I was nominated to make a new smoothie recipe for whoever was brave enough to try it.  We had some awesome options for the smoothie (I love the maca!), and some old standbys (like kale and flax).


IMG_5309 IMG_5308


There was plenty of fresh fruit to add in too!




The smoothies turned out really tasty!  I was a huge fan!




And apparently they have all the nutrients that one needs for an entire day.  I will have to work on getting that recipe for you.


IMG_5311 IMG_5312


My Mom and I had planned on walking, but I was able to convince my biking buddy to hit the roads with me for one last hilly run before I left.  We ran 4 miles together, pushing hard the last 1/2 mile.  I ran up 3 brutal hills and my legs were tired and strong when I finished.  I slowly jogged back for my cool down where I found my Mom jogging in the last of her run.  She had a nice stride and looked strong as she pushed up the last hill.  Very impressive!


The BOY was back in his big chair reading, and I spent my last 20 minutes out on the lake for one last boat ride.  We packed up our belongings and hit the road for home.  I was trying to take some pictures of the ginormous hills that we had biked, but this proved hard to do in a moving vehicle!  Can you tell how steep they are?


IMAG1404 IMAG1405


I was excited to make one stop at Woodman’s before we finally pulled into our driveway back home.




I am already looking forward to my next weekend in Wisconsin (the BOY and I make it up that direction a few times every summer) to battle the hills, enjoy the tastes, spend time with friends, and ride the waves.  Until next time…



Where is your favorite weekend destination?

4 thoughts on “Until Next Time

  1. Favorite weekend destination is def anywhere with out a ton of traffic, other than that if I’m with good people I can be anywhere! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Have you been using Maca long? I bought some, but then read that because it ups your energy, it can disrupt your sleep. I was afraid to try it as I LOVE my sleep! What do you think of it?

    • This was my first time using it and I had it in the AM so no sleep problems noted. But that is good to know because I wasn’t aware of its energizing properties. I am in love with the green tea lattes at Starbucks that use Maca, but I tend to have them in the AM. Sleep is way too improtant to be messed with!

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