Wisconsin Weekend

It seems like I haven’t opened my laptop in forever, when really it has just been two action-packed days.  The BOY and I headed up to Wisconsin to spend the weekend with my parents at our close friend’s home on Green Lake.  We drove up Friday afternoon, and the skies were clear and the roads not too crowded.




The moment we crossed the border into Wisconsin, the BOY and I were already feeling more relaxed!




It was perfect driving weather, and the view of the open fields, timeless farm houses, and sun setting was beautiful as we chatted throughout the 3 hour drive.


IMAG1381 IMAG1382

IMAG1383 IMAG1384


We were the first to arrive, so we found a local pub with outdoor seating on the lake to grab some dinner and the last of the sunset.




Don’t we just look more relaxed???


IMAG1388 IMAG1389


I think the Spotted Cow beer definitely helped!




The BOY was thrilled to find cheese curds on the menu (this is Wisconsin after all), which he quickly inhaled!  We split the Haddock and Perch Friday Fish Fry, which we really enjoyed!


IMAG1392 IMAG1394


As the sun was setting, we made our way back to the house to meet up with everyone else as they arrived.  The BOY and I opened a bottle of wine (this is a new one that I found at Trader Joe’s) before heading out for a late night boat ride.  Under the star-studded sky we caught up on life, listened to music, and appreciated our natural surroundings.




The next morning, I was up early and full of energy.  I was looking forward to hitting the hills on my bike, but first…a boat ride around the lake.  What an amazing way to start the day!


IMG_5116 IMG_5117


I was able to recruit a friend to brave the 26 mile loop around the lake.  This is the same route we took last year, except I stopped for some lake view shots.


IMAG1397 IMAG1398

IMAG1399 IMAG1401


The hills were rough and at one point, I looked down and saw that I was riding downhill at 31mph. Man, I love biking in Wisconsin!!!




After our 25 mile bike ride, we decided to tack on a short 2 mile run.  My legs felt like Jello, but it was easy to cool off with the drizzling rain that  started just as we were heading out.  We made great time on our ride and run, finishing the BRICK in a little over 2 hours.  When I returned home, I found the BOY reading by the water.  I was super sweaty and ready to hang out on the pier.



IMG_5123 IMG_5121


The afternoon got even more exciting when my parents arrived just as the sun was beginning to peak out from behind the clouds. 




We all piled onto the boat for some water fun!




On a whim, I decided that I wanted to try out my rusty water ski skills.  I haven’t skied in at least 2 years, and my legs were crazy tired, but I really wanted to get into the cool water.   I figured, why not give skiing another try?!




And…I popped up on my first attempt!


IMG_5143 IMG_5146 IMG_5148 IMG_5144


Woohoo!  I skied around for a few minutes, even surviving some choppy waters.  I attempted to cross the wake, made it out before toppling over.  With a smile on my face, I called it quits, hanging my hat on my one successful run.  Maybe water skiing is a little like riding a bike!




After some skiing and wakeboarding, we headed back to the dock to pick up refreshments.




And then rode around the lake chatting, sipping on some wine, and taking in the gorgeous homes and spectacular views.


IMG_5181 IMG_5168

IMG_5178 IMG_5188


By the time, we pulled back into the dock, it was time for dinner.  After a long day, we were all pretty hungry, so we walked up to the house to get started on dinner prep.  We had some fresh organic produce and tons of hands to help in the kitchen.  First, I just needed a shower.


To Be Continued…

More Wisconsin Weekend Fun to Come!

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