Another summer Friday and another date day with the BOY!  He is already trying to convince me to keep Fridays off for the rest of the year, and I must say that it is tempting!  We headed back out to the courts for another round of tennis.




It was a gorgeous 70 degree morning…perfect for tennis!


IMG_5103 IMG_5104


One of the tougher things for me on the court is my backhand.  I did ask one of my patient’s 5 year old siblings for some tips, and the BOY helped me with my backhand today.  By the end of the hour, it was looking much stronger.  My serve, on the other hand, has plenty of room for improvements.  That can me next week’s lesson!




The blue sky was picturesque with puffy white clouds, and it was great to be outdoors!


IMG_5107 IMG_5110


Afterwards, we headed off to the pool.  We wanted to try to beat the summer camp crowd, and I was eager to get in another swim.




Sadly, the slides weren’t open yet, but the BOY and I will definitely be back to try them out.




I had some serious issues with my goggles this morning.  No matter what I tried, they kept leaking.  It was really frustrating.  I’d get a lap or two done before they would start to leak, causing my eyes to itch, and my contacts to blur.  I even tried borrowing a pair from the pool, but they were way too tight on my face.  In the end, I ended up doing some drills with the kickboard and my face above water before finally getting into the hot tub.  It was a disappointing swim workout, but still a fun day with the BOY.  The goggles may have won this round, but I am hoping to be able to get in some open water swims in Wisconsin this weekend, so there will be a rematch!




We made one quick stop at the grocery store before picking up Mediterranean for lunch.  I had a fattoush salad with falafel, which totally hit the spot after an active morning.


IMG_5111 IMG_5112


Now the game plan is to get all packed up and hit the road for our weekend in Wisconsin.  I am looking forward to some relaxing time spent on the water, catching up with friends, stargazing, and biking the hills.  There will be lots to share when we return.


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Any tips or suggestions for goggles?


I currently use the Speedo Vanquishers, which have been highly recommended yet I tend to struggle with them!

5 thoughts on “ReMatch

  1. Unfortunately goggles need to be replaced often-My DD (who was a competitive swimmer) would have to get new ones each swim season-that’s summer and winter! We would have to purchase several pairs to find ones that wouldn’t leak-every face shape is different.

    Friday’s off sounds like a great idea-for your mental health! Way to keep priorities straight!


  2. That salad looks amazing!!! I haven’t had falafel in forever!! I go to music festivals once a year and falafel is basically my diet the entire time I am there : )

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