No Bake Doughy Delights

I thought about calling this post Blogger’s Balls, but somehow that just didn’t sound right…LOL!  We are heading up to Wisconsin for the weekend, and I wanted to bring up some treats.  Last time we went, I made Angela’s Vegan Cookie Dough balls and they were a HUGE hit, so I decided to bring them again.




This time around, I quite possibly made my best batch of Vegan Cookie Dough Balls ever!  These guys looked and tasted so incredible, it took all my will power not to dive head first into the bowl of ‘dough’.




If you have never tried these no bake delights, you must!




And I highly recommend doubling the recipe.  Trust me on this one!!!




These store perfectly in the freezer which makes them easy for transport or a road trip on on a hot summer day.




And since my food processor was out, and I was stocked up on cashews, I decided to try another no bake dough ball that I have been eyeing over at Averie Cooks.  The fun addition in this recipe…coconut!




This was my first time attempting this recipe, so I followed the instructions, except that I didn’t have any coconut oil to use.  I was a big fan of pulsing the chocolate chips in the food processor to create some smaller pieces along with the bigger chunks.


IMG_5089 IMG_5090 

IMG_5093 IMG_5092


Upon inspection, this ‘dough’ looked super duper sticky (I might use a little less syrup next time), and I was a little skeptical that I would be able to form it into balls.  However, a quick taste test (or two) determined that the combination of coconut and chocolate was superb!




Seriously, these guys taste like candy bars!!!  I did the best that I could with the rolling, and I would recommend spraying your hands with PAM before attempting or you will just end up with a big sticky mess on your fingers.  Which is not the worst thing that could happen (actually spilling Mexican vanilla into your utensils drawer at 10:30pm is much worse than licking your fingers clean), but you will need the cooking spray trick (which also works for rice krispy treats) to even try forming these into a circular shape.


IMG_5094 IMG_5096


Obviously, I did not check to see how many balls this recipe was supposed to make because I only got about 9, and this was not because I ended up eating half the dough off my fingers.  I stuck my almost ball shaped balls into the freezer over night.




And immediately this morning went to check them out.  The balls were much less sticky, but still soft and easy to eat out of the freezer (which I did for breakfast).




These guys are rich in coconut flavor, and I am a big fan!  This recipe is definitely worth doubling because they will disappear quickly!  That Averie, knows what she is talking about!




Happy No Baking this Summer!!!



Vegan Cookie Dough Balls

From Oh She Glows!

1/2 cup unsalted cashews

1/4 cup rolled oats

1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour (I use regular whole wheat flour)

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1.5 tbsp natural cane sugar

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

3-4 tbsp pure maple syrup (I used 4 tbsp for a double recipe)

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips



In a food processor, add the cashews and oats and process until it forms a fine crumble. Now add in the salt, sugar, and flour and process for a few seconds more. Add in the maple syrup and vanilla and process until combined. It will be sticky, but this is normal! Add in your chocolate chips and stir by hand or process. Form into balls. Store in freezer.


Note: this recipe easily doubles which I typically do this because one batch is NEVER enough!



No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

From Averie Cookies


2/3 c cashews (unsalted, and raw if possible)

1/4 c coconut flakes (unsweetened or sweetened)

2 tbsp oats (whole, rolled not quick cook)

3 tbsp agave or maple syrup (or combination)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp coconut oil (optional, and if using it and batter gets too wet after adding, add a pinch more dried coconut flakes, oats, or cashews and re-blend)

1/4 to 1/3 c chocolate chips or chunks



First add cashews, coconut flakes, and oats to Vita-Mix or food processor and grind into a fine powder. Then, add the agave, vanilla extract, and coconut oil, and blend again. Finally, the chocolate chips and either stir in by hand or barely blend/pulse until incorporated. Retain some texture to the chips or chunks.

Remove the dough and form into cookie bites. If dough is soft or hard to work with, refrigerate/freeze for 20 minutes prior to forming into bites.


Yields: approximately 16-18 bites (I made bigger balls and only got ~9)

Note: I did not use the coconut oil because I didn’t have any in the house!



And just in case you are brave enough to turn on your oven for some REAL cookies, I also whipped up a batch of these Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies.  It’s going to be a GOOD weekend!

8 thoughts on “No Bake Doughy Delights

  1. Glad you liked my recipe…yes, everyone’s ingredients and blender/food proc makes things a little differently in terms of moisture. An extra 2-4 tbsp of ground oats or ground cashews would have taken care of the moisture/sticky issue in no time I bet!

    • That makes sense! I will definitely try adding a few more cashews and oats for the sake of prettier circles. They taste amazing though! I think I’ll have go have one right now…

  2. I’ll take a batch of those, let me get you my address : ) I am far to lazy to bake unfortunately… even though there is no cooking involved! I also can’t keep chocolate chips at my house… they are like crack and disappear instantly

    • You can totally do this…I promise! The food processor does all the work and you just have to add the ingredients, sit back and relax. It will be well worth it when you have these delicious treats available in your freezer!

  3. Have you found a good way to transport hundreds of these balls? I am going to a huge party and need to transport and display them beautifully.

    • I emailed you from my cell phone. Freezing them should help hold their shape and you can store them in an airtight container. Let me know how it goes! They are super tasty. Enjoy!

  4. […] I had planned to bake a few things to take to the lake, like these peanut butter cookies, then my oven broke. I did blend up a double batch of my favorite travel treat…Cookie Dough Balls. […]

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