All about My Dad…

I figured since it was so much fun to write my Mother’s Day post, I would do it again for Father’s Day.  I feel so grateful to have such a close relationship with my Dad.  He has helped me through difficult decisions and supported me for 30 years.  And although he thinks I own way too many pairs of shoes, he is still always happy to have me back home for a visit.  My dad has so many incredible traits that I could never list them all here, but in honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to tell you all about my wonderful father.


My Dad is…












A Good Listener




Always Ready with a Joke or a Funny Story!


Art and Rachel




Vacation 015


A Good Dancer












A Real Character


Memphis- 104


A Good Sport




An Excellent Traveler


Cruise '04 049


A Wonderful Historian




Did I Mention Funny???


IMG_5220 IMG_5388


An Excellent Cook (Stirfry and Chicken Soup are his Specialties)




Honest and Trustworthy





Thank you Dad for all of the good stories, memories, trips, advice, love, and support! 


Happy Father’s Day!!!



Tell me all about your Dad…

4 thoughts on “All about My Dad…

  1. I hope your dad sees this 🙂 My dad rocks! He agreed to do a 5k with me this summer after not running for 20 years due to an injury. He lets me make my own decisions and supports me either way. He gives me extra financial support when I need it, even though he doesn’t have much himself. He’s also funny, sweet, kind, loving and an all around good guy!

    • I showed it to him yesterday before we headed out to our baseball game, and he was very pleased. Thank you so much for sharing! What a fun way to honor our Father’s!

  2. for the past 47 years it has been an honor and a pleasure to call artie my dear friend…[ and mari too]…..
    when i needed a good laugh , you can count on artie…if i needed a shoulder to lean on , he was there….when i wanted someone to share my celebrations , artie was there…when i had to get through difficult times , guess who was always there….some people are just so special that words can’t capture the love you have for them….artie , thanks for being the brother i nevert had and thanks for trying to always keep me out of trouble….i love yaa buddy…..

    billy strauss

    • Billy,
      Your words are so kind, thoughtful, and I appreciate the comment! Thank you for sharing! You and my dad have such a special friendship. It is exciting to watch, and I enjoy how close our families remain!

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