Babycakes NYC

I would never eat at Babycakes NYC without taking extra pictures to share with you!  I should state that I did try to fit these pictures into my NYC post, but there were just too many mouth watering pictures for one post.  And let’s be honest…cupcakes ALWAYS deserve a post of their own!


IMG_4832[5] IMG_4833[5]


I’m not exactly sure where I discovered the Babycakes cookbook.  Even though I am do not eat gluten-free or vegan, I found their recipes to be inspiring and I immediately wanted the book.  Since then, I have seen Babycakes name popping up everywhere (they just made Anne Hathaway’s wedding cake), and I was eager to try these sensational sweets for myself.  I really wanted to come when we were visiting over Thanksgiving, but it didn’t fit into our plans, so I mentioned it early on in our vacation planning to my mom, who although she had never heard of the shop, was ON BOARD! 




We found the bakery on adorable Broome Street located in Manhattan’s lower east side.





We stepped in the front door of this famous bakery not knowing what to expect…do you think it is normal to feel star struck walking into a bakery???




But upon entering, everything looked amazing!  My mom and I quickly scanned the glass case, mouths watering, and talking about what we should order.  We decided that we wanted one of everything for lunch, and ordered an assortment of sweets!


IMG_4812[5] IMG_4813[5]IMG_4814[5] IMG_4816[5]


We took our pastries to go and enjoyed our first tastes standing on the street the second we walked out the door.


 IMG_4823 IMG_4824


I immediately dug into a brownie cupcake with mint frosting.


IMG_4826 IMG_4825


And it was… (insert adjective to describe tasty, yet not to sweet, fresh and satisfying HERE)!  My mom was a big fan too and the cupcake was gone before we even had time to discuss it : )




We also ordered some cupcake tops (what an amazing idea combing the best parts of the cupcake into this perfectly sized treat!).  We had carrot, lemon, and chocolate.




I think the carrot was my favorite, and I dug right in pausing only for a moment to snap a picture!  Then, handed it to my mom to sample the next cake in the pile.


IMG_4829 IMG_4831


We packaged up our remaining goodies (you can’t really eat two containers full of sweets for lunch, even if you wanted to) and saved them for the flight home.  We pulled out the cookie sandwich shortly after takeoff and I must say that may have been my favorite of them all (either that or the brownie mint cupcake).


IMG_4870 IMG_4871

IMG_4875 IMG_4873


Even my dad was highly impressed with these desserts and of course, we didn’t bother to mention that they were vegan, gluten-free, or low in sugar.  Sad to say, we only had crumbs remaining when we landed back in Chicago.  We decided that Babycakes should ship to Chicago (if not open up a bakery here soon), and we will be adding it to our list of places to visit the next time we are in New York!



Have you been to Babycakes?

What is the best Bakery in your town?

3 thoughts on “Babycakes NYC

    • I saw that they were expanding…not to Chicago yet, but maybe one day! I love those amazing baked goods that stay with you. We had a blackberry coffee cake in Door County last summer that was unbelievable!!! My mouth starts watering just thinking about it!

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