Under the Bridge

It has been a busy week here in suburbia with the start of our summer schedule and a change in my work days.  That being said, I am a little slow on getting all my travel posts up and organized.  So here we go…back to NYC!




After a lovely Sunday morning spent with the whole clan, my mom and I caught a ride to NYC with my cousin, his wife, and their son.  There is a light house under the GW Bridge that I have heard about but never visited.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we decided to take a walk down to the bridge.  Mother Nature was fairly indecisive and the weather alternated between drizzling, rain, and sunshine.  We braved the rain for the beautiful views of the river and bridge.  By the time we walked down to the light house, the rain was coming strong, but I was still able to snap a few photos.  After our walk, we stopped by a local pub for a beer and some dinner before heading back home.  It was such an incredible day…I soaked up every special moment and was happy to have my camera to capture the memories from under the bridge.


By the way, it is possible that you have never seen so many pictures of one bridge : ) Enjoy!











IMG_4565 IMG_4571




IMG_4583 IMG_4594




IMG_4589 IMG_4591






IMG_4602 IMG_4627




IMG_4612 IMG_4615 IMG_4618


IMG_4620 IMG_4621









IMG_4641 IMG_4643 IMG_4647












IMG_4705 IMG_4707


IMG_4710 IMG_4718




We capped off our day with an unbelievable sunset view from my cousin’s window





There is an adorable children’s book about the lighthouse that you can check out HERE, and if you ever find yourself at the north top of Manhattan, make sure you walk down to find the lighthouse.


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6 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

    • Thank you!
      I am such a photo addict and I swear when I have more time and money, I will take some classes and invest in a fancy camera. I just love capturing days like this on film!

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