Maybe One Day

Throughout our time out East, we moved between New Jersey and New York, visiting and passing through most of the 5 boroughs.  On our way from New Jersey out to Long Island, we drove through Staten Island.




I don’t know if I have ever been to or through Staten Island before, but after the Chicago marathon last October, I added the NYC marathon to my bucket list.  As we were crossing over the Verrazano Bridge, my cousin mentioned that this is the exact start of the marathon…right here on the upper and lower levels of THIS bridge.


IMAG1289 IMAG1290


I pulled out my camera to snap a few photos of the bridge, and as we drove across, I began thinking that MAYBE one day, I would be back here in running shoes, filled with anxiety, and about to start a 26.2 mile adventure!




My goal would be to try for 2013, but with a race this popular, I’m not sure I would get it.  But, who knows???  Maybe one day!


IMAG1292 IMAG1293


We headed on about our day driving through new neighborhoods and over different bridges, but I couldn’t help thinking about the Verrazano bridge leaving Staten Island and leading runners on their latest endeavor.





Have you run the NYC marathon? 

Anyone else have it on their bucket list?

6 thoughts on “Maybe One Day

    • So many races, so little time! But the NYC marathon looks like a pretty amazing way to see the city!
      I agree…my race list keeps growing with runs, rides, and tri’s. Maybe one day, I will see you on the bridge : )

  1. Yay, NYC Marathon! It was on my bucket list, but after running it twice in a row I am able to cross it off the list! Although, I’d be a 100% happy camper if I could run it every year the rest of my life – it’s that awesome. That said, Chicago is on my bucket list too, so hopefully I’ll end up running that this year since I’m registered for it. Just have to figure out the getting-there logistics!

    • You will absolutely LOVE the Chicago marathon. It is such a great city to visit and run, and the support is incredible. You definitely have to do it, so let me know if you have any questions. One thing that I found helpful was running for a charity (I raised money for St Jude). Charity village offers a place to meet up, leave yor stuff, and people who support you throughout the race. Good luck with your training this summer!

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