Start Spreading the News

Let’s see…when last we met, I was sitting at the airport sipping on a red tea latte from Argo Tea and waiting for my plane to Newark with my parents.




We boarded our 2:55PM flight in great spirits and looking forward to the weekend ahead.  After a small discussion, we figured out our seating arrangements (the three of us where packed into one row), and ‘prepared for take off’.  For me, this meant pulling out the most recent Chicago Magazine and my mom studied the in flight menu finding us a delicious in-flight snack.  We ordered the tapas platter, consisting of hummus, cheese dip, bruschetta, olives, and crackers along with some red wine.


IMG_4375 IMG_4376


Don’t we look so fancy?!




The bruschetta was the best and the hummus on-the-go was better than I expected!  Laughing and enjoying our meal made the flight fly by and we had our last sip of wine as the captain announced that we would soon be on the ground in Newark.




Cheers to family fun!!!




While my parents made the inevitable post plane ride pit stop, I watched the luggage and flipped through the Newark airport shopping guide (who knew such things existed!?).  I discovered a Crumbs in the airport.  I had my heart set on BabyCakes this trip and was holding out for one of their cupcakes, but I will tell you it was hard to walk past the Crumbs counter without picking out a few treats.


IMAG1244 IMAG1245


My cousin picked us up at the airport and we made it back to his house just as everyone was getting home.  Even though we were all together for Thanksgiving and just celebrated our Grandpa’s 100th Birthday in Florida, it was great to see each other again!


IMG_4381 IMG_4383


We made ourselves right at home and had a wonderful BBQ dinner.  After cleaning up, we gathered around to watch the first Mets no hitter in history (my Dad is the Mets fan while the rest of the New Yorkers are Yankee fans) and read a few stories before bed.


IMG_4392 IMG_4391

IMG_4398 IMG_4396


Feeling exhausted after a long day of travel, I headed up stairs where I found my old friend Derek.  The two of us at gotten cozy after sharing the same room when we visited last November.




And since I Just discovered the effect options on my phone, I thought it would be fun to send this dreamy picture to the BOY before crashing into bed.  I needed a good night’s rest because we had a LONG Saturday ahead of us.


To Be Continued…

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