A messy kitchen does not a fun morning make!  Especially when you are supposed to be on your way out the door.  I took breakfast number 2 (my post run meal) to-go this morning because of time, and I won’t even tell you how I managed to make my smoothie explode covering my clean counter top and new T-shirt.  Luckily, I was able to clean everything up quickly (including my shirt) and only left for work a few minutes late…with the remaining smoothie in hand.




Which would have been just fine except that I forgot that my car needed gas.




A full tank later, I was on the road in lighter than usual morning traffic.  There must be a lot of schools out for the summer because I made great time arriving to work just on time.  I forgot all about my smoothie accident until I came home and the BOY pointed up towards the ceiling and on the side wall stating, ‘It must have been a pretty big mess to reach that far’.  Oops! : )


In other news…

The BOY joined the park district gym today!!!  He mentioned his hour long workout casually over dinner, and I must say I am impressed.  Apparently he had nothing to do today (poor guy), and so he found his way to the gym…before lunch time none-the-less!  He was excited to bring home some guest passes, and I am hoping this summer that we find time to workout and play some tennis together.  On his agenda for tomorrow…golfing!  All I can say is that I am looking forward to next week when my summer Fridays off begin!!!


Stay Tuned…

Posts from my trip to New York and New Jersey will be here this weekend!

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