May Mega Month

Seems crazy to be posing about May on June 5th…but thus is life!  I spent the weekend in NY/NJ having the most spectacular time with my family.  But those posts will just have to wait because I have a feeling if I don’t check in with May goals today, I may never get to it!




May was jammed packed with races and recipes. It really was a fun month beginning with this exciting day in GenevaI attempted a PR at the beginning of the month, and although I failed, it was a huge mental victory!  It left me thinking hard about this summer’s race schedule


I baked up some delicious cookies and then went back to the kitchen to whip up some unique cookie bark!  And as if these desserts weren’t enough, this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread will have your mouth watering!


I took some time to honor my magnificent mother, and I look forward to celebrating with my father this month!!!  Our Mother’s Day BBQ was a huge success!


On the dinner front, this curry (a somewhat original recipe) is a new personal favorite!


By the end of the month, I had two new pairs of shoes to break in and an active memorial day weekend (guest blogged by my Mom).  We finished off the weekend hosting our friends for a Fiesta, which may be our new favorite way to BBQ!  With all of this excitement, it’s amazing I had time to blog, yet May looks to have been my most popular month yet!  Thanks to everyone for your comments and support!!!



May Goals

Run a PR half marathon (sub 1:50:00)

(Between my sinuses and back, I am not entirely sure if this is a possibility, but totally worth a try.  Read my half marathon history!)

     -I had a tough race and worked hard for my 1:51:20 finish.  I am looking for more half marathons later in the year to reach this goal!

Quit the Gym

     -I did it!!!

Sign up for a triathlon (this should definitely get me into the pool!)

     -Although I am not officially signed up, my brother and I are planning to do the Green Lake Triathlon at the end of July.  Swimming pool, here I come!

Continue to stay relaxed and enjoy yoga during this busy transition time

     -I have been going to yoga every week and taking good care of myself. I even tried acupuncture!

Find a Farmer’s market or delivery CSA

     -The farmer’s market opened this past weekend. I can’t wait to check it out this Saturday!  I think I will pass on the CSA this summer because it is looking to be super busy, but maybe this fall!

Remember the lessons that I learned from my 100 year old grandpa!

     -My grandpa is such an important role model!  He reminds me to prioritize my healthy, family, and friends.  It was wonderful to spend some quality time with my family in NY this weekend!


Goals for June

-Fit comfortably into my summer shorts

(Although I don’t spend much time discussing my weight, this last few months of travel have left my clothes feeling a bit snug and the scale has crept up to a number that is higher than I like.  This means it is time to cut back a bit on the sweets and add a little more exercise).

-Begin triathlon training

I have discovered that my summer training is the thread keeps me focused on healthy eating and exercise throughout the busy months of summer.  Now that I have a tri in mind, bring on the BRICKS!

-Stay Calm

This is my usual spring goal.  With the seasons changing and my schedule switching up for summer, June has the potential to be a time of stress.  I’m hoping this June that isn’t the case!

-Get Creative with fruits and veggies!


I gave you the weekend to think about it, so tell me…what are your goals for June???

4 thoughts on “May Mega Month


    eat less, move more
    eat power food… real food…
    use f/v for snacks.. no processed food
    sigh, less wine… diet cranberry pomegranate sangria here I come!
    add more aerobic time to workouts

    and then… knit, crochet, garden, yoga, visit… and on and on and on PLAN!

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