May Madness

I can’t believe that this month is coming to a close.  It has been such a fun and exciting few weeks filled with races, biking, BBQ, family, food, and friends.  If it weren’t for the 80 degree weather, I wouldn’t believe that June was right around the corner.  My game plan was to put together an elaborate May Recap for my goals this month, sharing some of my favorite recipes and posts.  However, I spent last night packing for this weekend’s trip to NY, then sat down to play on my computer when it overeheated and shut down.  Considering it was late and I was exhausted, I left my computer to rest and headed up to bed myself.


I am still planning on doing a May Madness Recap, but it will have to wait until I am back in town next month.  Because this morning, I had last minute packing to do.  Let’s be honest, packing for a weekend trip is not so bad, but because I am traveling with my parents (who live much closer to work then I do), I am staying there tonight and Monday night and I made a running date with some friends after work, so once you count in my lunch bag, I have at least 9 separate bags that need to make it to my car this morning.  Yes, that takes me more than one trip (and it’s drizzling…yuck!).   On top of that, I took my new shoes for break in run #2 this morning before the rain, a 3 miler leaving me no time to put together my May Madness post.  Sorry guys!




I can tell you that I started this month with some back pain and a BONK, leaving me time to ponder my summer racing schedule.  But a few weeks later, I am pain free and feeling stronger, both mentally and physically.  After a refreshing trip to NY to visit my family this weekend, I know that I will be in the perfect place to revisit May’s goals and decide what the rest of this summer will hold.


What are your goals for June???

Note: LWYD is on vacation Smile  I’ll be back next week with adventures to share although I’m not sure anything can top our funny Florida afternoon.  If you haven’t seen this…it’s pretty funny!  Be warned…I may attempt a post from my phone (how 2012 of me!), but success is not guaranteed.  Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “May Madness

    • That sounds like a great goal! My goal for summer is always to get in more strenght training. I find that so hard when the weather is so nice! Any races this summer?

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