Meatless Monday-Lunch Edition

We have plenty of leftovers from this weekend’s festivities, so it was easy to find something for lunch.  I toasted up some Great Harvest Dakota Bread, smeared it with roasted red pepper hummus, and stuffed in as many veggies as I could find.




Isn’t this sandwich beautiful???




It tasted just as good as it looks, and I have already packed up the ingredients to make another one for lunch tomorrow!




I enjoyed my sandwich with what was left of the Ramen Coleslaw.  Seriously…this is SOO GOOD!


 IMG_4165 IMG_4164


After lunch, I literally dragged the BOY out the door for a walk in the sunshine. It is a cool, sunny 60 degrees here and I was craving some fresh air.  It took some convincing and some physical input to get him out the door, but once he got going, he was happy.  When we arrived home, there was a package waiting at our front door.  I was so crazy excited to see that my new shoes had arrived from Brooks!




They made it just in time for this upcoming active weekend.  I have been running in Brooks trail shoes since the winter, but since it was a rather quiet winter (by Chicago standards), they didn’t get too much wear and tear.  I wore them for my half marathon because I had been training in them, but then planned to put them away for next winter.  I have an older pair of Brooks Adrenaline that I love, but they are past their prime (I think they were my marathon shoes).  Enter the need for new shoes…


I have been eyeing the new Brooks Pure Cadence shoes and got to try them on in St. Charles before the half marathon.  They didn’t have the color that I wanted, plus the last time that I ordered shoes from Brooks, I got a free tech shirt.




The shoe salesman recommended breaking into these lightweight shoes easily.  A short run here and there until I am used to them.




The problem was that I didn’t have another pair to rotate in for my runs.  A few weeks ago, the salesman mentioned these newer Ravenna shoes.  He explained that as the offspring of the Adrenaline (which I have been loyally wearing for about 8 years) and the Cadence.




So when I saw a pair on sale for $60, I just had to get them.  And I got a FREE towel!  I heart Brooks!


I plan on taking these guys for a test run tomorrow morning, and I am hoping to run in them this weekend.  Saturday is the Solider Field 10 Miler (who wouldn’t want to finish a race on the 50 yard line?) and Sunday is my favorite way to welcome spring with Bike the Drive which involves riding along a 15 mile stretch of Lake Shore Drive.  I heard on the radio today that Chicago is expecting a warm weekend, which will be so much better than last year, when I nearly froze.


My game plan for the weekend is to run the 10 miler with no pace in mind and enjoy the view and gorgeous spring weather.




And the day hanging out with my adorable chauffer.



Soldier Field 10 miler 5/23/09


And on Sunday, I am looking forward to a leisurely ride with my brother and mom to work out some lactic acid and soak up some sunshine.  I’m counting down the days until the weekend!

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