No Alarm Saturday

Today began with 9 incredible uninterrupted hours of sleep!  For me, one of the benefits of a Sunday race, is a Saturday DAY OFF from training.  The BOY is right in the middle of second semester finals, and I am typically up bright and early for long runs, so we both appreciated the extra time in bed.  It was a treat to sleep in and not jump right out of bed.  The day before a race, I like to eat a carby breakfast, so I offered to make the BOY and I pancakes or french toast (I was dreaming about these pancakes).  But, he wanted a bowl of cereal. 

PB+ Cheerios = I can’t say that I blame him!




I went with a breakfast stirfry.




And inspired by a South Beach omelet that I had last weekend, I added in some avocado.  It added a warm and gooey element to the eggs, which I topped with salsa.


IMG_3715 IMG_3719


What a great breakfast!  (Even with today’s To-Do list in the background).




The bad thing about not starting my day with a long run is that I don’t really know what to do with myself.  Since the BOY will be spending his entire day at the library, I’m on my own.  My plan…go pick up my packet for tomorrow (which is near Geneva) and play in this fun city.  It doesn’t look like it will be as nice of a day as the last time I was there, but I do need to stock up at The Spice House.



Not the most traditional Cinco De Mayo, but I am looking forward to it!



How are you spending your day?  Are you celebrating Cinco De Mayo?

If you are, I definitely recommend these Grilled Fajitas.




And this Black Bean and Corn Dip or Cream Cheese Corn Dip.





Are you watching the Derby?  This Fruit Salsa is a healthy and refreshing appetizer for the early races!




And for dessert, I recommend this Elegant Chocolate Mousse or a crowd pleasing Kahlua Cake.





If you are having a no alarm Saturday like me, then there will be tons of time to get working in the kitchen.  And, all of these recipes are super quick and easy to make!



One last suggestion for you Chicagoans out there.  Check out the Green Festival at Navy Pier this weekend!!!


Enjoy your Saturday!!!

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