I Heart Geneva

Thank you to everyone for your inspiring words about tomorrow’s half marathon!  I went today to pick up my packet and although I am not super excited about tomorrow’s race, I’m not that nervous either.  I’m sure it will all hit me tomorrow morning, but it makes me feel better to know that you’re cheering me on! 




The good news about packet pick up today…this adorable new race shirt.




And…I got to try on the Brooks Pure Cadence shoes that I have been eyeing online.  I took them for a spin on the treadmill and I was impressed with how comfortable they are.  They felt like they were made for my feet.  I didn’t buy them YET because they are $120 AND I really want the bright blue color.




After picking up my gear, I headed 10 minutes south to the lovely town of Geneva.  I don’t know what it is about Geneva, but I seriously love it there.  The tree lined streets are quaint and old fashioned with some unique shops, restaurants and art galleries.






IMG_3726 IMG_3727


The landscaping along the roads is bright and colorful, and there are gorgeous paths along the river for biking and running.


IMAG1071 IMAG1069 


I had a few places that I wanted to go, and I found a few new shops to explore.


IMG_3728 IMG_3729




My first stop was the Olive Mill, where I walked out with two new bottles of olive oil and some recipes.


IMG_3730 IMG_3732


My next stop was Starbucks for a warm drink.  However, as I rounded the corner, I saw tucked behind the Starbucks a Great Harvest Bakery.




I used to live near a Great Harvest and fell in love in with a few of their breads.  I didn’t even know there was one in Geneva, but I was thrilled to sample a few breads and cookies.  This bread freezes well, and I was so excited to take this warm, fresh bread home for a sandwich (although I did grab a slice in the car first).


IMG_3736 IMAG1081


The next stop was Starbucks for a Green Tea Soy Latte, and then I headed back down the street to do some more shopping.




I discovered an adorable gift shop, and of course this BACON sign caught my attention.  I knew the BOY would love it!  Maybe it can be a ‘Happy Finals’ gift at the end of the semester.



IMAG1063 IMAG1064


I had to head back to the tea shop that I enjoyed so much last year.  The Black Mango is a favorite, and I went through it quickly.  I got an even bigger bag this year and got some good tips on tea brewing from the owner. This store ships coffee and tea, so check out their website.




My last stop was the Spice House to stock up on some of our favorite seasonings. 




Now that the BOY has discovered how good these spices are, they are disappearing quickly.






Finally, I headed home with my car stocked with goodies!




Check out my stash!







Geneva reminds me a little bit of Door County, Wisconsin, which is one of my favorite places to visit.  Speaking of Door County, the BOY and I are already planning our DC getaway for this summer.  I can’t wait!  I had a fabulous Saturday shopping and exploring, and the kitchen is restocked with some of my favorite breads, teas, and spices.  You can bet that I dove right into some kitchen baking with a cold glass of ice tea when I got home!  Tasty recipes to come…after tomorrow’s race!

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