Greens and Goals

When I travel, I tend to eat out A LOT more than usual.  So when I get back home, I  crave a healthy, home cooked meal. 





I find that vegetables are always the hardest to eat on the go.  They don’t travel well and most casual places don’t have an abundance of fresh, raw greens on their menu.  For this reason, I was craving a big salad for dinner last night.


IMG_3686 IMG_3688


To round out the rest of our dinner…

grilled salmon, roasted peppers, broccoli, and a sweet potato





Can you tell that I was on veggie withdrawal??? 

Luckily, I brought home a few special deli treats from Florida for dessert.  The Black and White Cookie lost its chocolate in travel, I didn’t lick it off : )


IMG_3700 IMG_3704



This delicious dinner reminded me that it was time to check in with last month’s goals.


April Goals


Find my healthy eating motivation (this has been lacking these last few weeks and is needed before I can address any other goals and get back to feeling like my healthy and capable self)

     -Hooray!  Although this month hasn’t been all roses and good runs, I definitely feel like I am getting my healthy groove back.  This breakfast stirfry is one of my new favorite breakfasts, followed closely by these paleo pancakes!


Prioritize half marathon training (and fuel my body to do so)

     -Goal Met: I have done a few long runs including this strong 9.5 miler and the BOY grilled this perfect post-run Fiesta Lunch!



     -What can I say?  I hate the pool!  Any suggestions to get me back into my swim cap and goggles?



    -I am definitely making progress in this area.  I look forward to continued awareness of my eating habits to support a healthy lifestyle.  Are you chewing more yet???


Breath and stay balanced (aka Yoga!)

    -I am definitely prioritizing a healthy emotional self this month!  And loved spreading the love with this inspirational blogger post!



May Goals

-Run a PR half marathon (sub 1:50:00)

     Between my sinuses and back, I am not entirely sure if this is a possibility, but totally worth a try. 

     Read my half marathon history!

Quit the Gym

-Sign up for a triathlon (this should definitely get me into the pool!)

-Continue to stay relaxed and enjoy yoga during this busy transition time

-Find a Farmer’s market or delivery CSA

-Remember the lessons that I learned from my 100 year old grandpa!



With 2 upcoming May races, I will be doing a lot of running this month.  I found this in Women’s Running magazine and thought that it was an interesting fact to share!  Can you believe that was only 30 years ago?!  Women runners…you’re amazing!





What are you May goals? 

Are you signed up for any races this month?

2 thoughts on “Greens and Goals

  1. I have a Tough Mudder on the 13th!! It’s getting close and it’s terrifying. I also just got back from vacation (not as long as yours) and as soon as I got home went out and raided the produce section, feels good to be home doesn’t it!

    • As much as I LOVE to travel, I always feel great coming home! The grocery store is usually one of the first places that go. I’m excited to hear about your tough mudder. My family and I are all signed up for the Rugged Maniac in August and the training has already begun (I did push ups and lunges with my cousins in FL this weekend). Good luck and enjoy the mud!

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