Another Adventure

By Monday, my parents and I were the last few remaining in Florida.  They are lucky enough to spend the whole week with my aunt and grandpa as the 100th Birthday celebrations continued.  Monday was another SUPER RAINY day and we headed out to the deli for lunch.  This was a different deli than the one we visited the day before.






Our afternoon turned into quite the adventure when my aunt spotted a nail sticking out of her tire on our way back to the car.


IMG_3655 IMG_3656


My dad quickly pulled out the nail, and we heard a loud whooshing noise as the air came pouring out of the tire.  He attempted to put it back in, but couldn’t find/see the hole.  I was able to get the nail in while squatting down on the wet pavement, but we needed an umbrella to get it to stay put.




We weren’t exactly sure what to do next, but with the rain coming down hard, it seemed best to get in the car to discuss our strategy.  My grandpa sat in the front seat and the 4 of us tried to all squeeze into the back.  Realizing that someone needed to sit up front, my mom headed out in the rain, but instead of getting into the car, she walked over to the ambulance parked in the grocery store parking lot to ask for some help.


IMG_3654 IMG_3658


She found a friendly young man happy to help, and he was soon joined by some other paramedics and firemen.  The fireman helped us dig out the spare tire from the trunk.


IMG_3661 IMG_3662


They called in a public service call and easily changed the tire in the rain.  I took a whole bunch of pictures of the excitement!


IMAG1035 IMAG1036

IMAG1037 IMAG1039


There was a fire trunk also parked in the lot, and we ended up with quite a crowd! 


IMAG1040 IMAG1041


Meanwhile, my grandpa was cracking jokes the entire time!


IMAG1043 IMAG1044


The spare didn’t have a lot of air, so the fire truck came over to fill it up.


IMAG1048 IMAG1047


In the end, I got to sit in the fire truck (I felt like an ecstatic child on fire safety day)!   And I scored us an invite to the homemade dinner at the fire house!  I was joking that it probably took my dad longer to take this picture than it did to change the tire. 




Seriously, this was a hilarious way to end a fun-filled trip to Florida!

A big THANK YOU to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue for saving the day (and letting me take pictures in their fire truck)!



4 thoughts on “Another Adventure

  1. That’s a great story. Sorry I missed it only you guys can turn a downer moment into a fun aftermoon

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