A Slow 5

I had the most amazing sleep last night.  I didn’t wake up once and this morning and was still dreaming when the alarm clock went off.  This part was not so fabulous because in my dream, I was having drinks with my girlfriends, so the idea of getting out of bed and lacing up my sneakers was less than satisfying.  But I did it because I haven’t run all week and the sun was shining.  I don’t know what it was about this morning’s run that made it so challenging, but I had 5 miles to try to figure it out. 


The list I came up with:

1. Too few carbs for dinner

2. 80% humidity

3. Weekend travel

4. Dehydration (although I’m not sure why this would be…maybe because of #3)

5. Sinuses/Meds

6. Yesterday’s stiff back

7. The extra time in my car yesterday (most likely causing above mentioned stiff back)

8. Stress

9. Lack of exercise this week

10. My 30 year old body is slowing down *I decided I didn’t like this answer so crossed it off the list


That’s a long list…perhaps I should start running with ear phones Smile


A bad slow run happens some times, so it’s not a big deal.  Except for the fact that this was my last run before Sunday’s Half Marathon, and it’s always good to finish your training with a confidence boosting run.  My training for this race has been a bit of a rollercoaster, some strong runs and some serious fatigue.  Plus, I haven’t been doing as much cross training recently…I should probably add that to the list above.  What’s tough for me is that because I don’t know the exact reason WHY I felt so sluggish this morning, I’m not sure how to correct it for Sunday.  Oh well…no matter how I feel Sunday, I am confident that I will make the same decision I did today with 1 miles to go and that is to finish strong, healthy, and happy no matter what the time clock says!  As I mentioned in my Half Marathon History,  I run because it’s fun and always try to focus on how lucky I am to be able to run whether it is a fast training run or a slower than anticipated race.


I have a feeling that my head and my body will be battling it out for 13.1 miles on Sunday.  At least it will give me something to think about during my run.  I’ll let you know who wins!

6 thoughts on “A Slow 5

  1. Almost 2 miles in the florida heat this am… ramping up the training for the august muddy maniacs…. can’t let those younguns get the best of me…

    you’ll do fine DD… your adreniline will kick in with people to run with… and we’ll be cheering you from a distance…. hugs..

    • Thanks!
      I know you guys will be thinking about me! Happy to hear your training is go well in the heat. Jealous to hear that you got nice enough weather to run outside since I was there for the rainy portion of the week : )

  2. I am one of those people who cannot FATHOM the idea of running without music….I wouldn’t even attempt it!
    But I do remember (when I was running) that sometimes you just have days that are off – although humidity and hot weather certainly don’t help matters!

    • I used to always run with my ipod and was attached to it. When I started running early before work, I didn’t take it for safety and now I (usually) love the quiet mornings. Crossing my fingers for nice running weather this weekend! Humidity is tough on my runs AND my hair : )

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