Flying Away (AGAIN)…

Hey guys!

It has been a busy week here in suburbia.  Monday, I was at work and I have been back every day since : )  The BOY had his first law school oral argument and he WON IT!  Plus, I haven’t been feeling 100%  (darn sinuses) and I have a race in less than 2 weeks.  And I’m trying to get packed up because tomorrow I am heading off to FLORIDA!  Hooray…something exciting to look forward to!!! 

So why another trip down south this year???




We have something BIG to celebrate…




My grandpa is turning 100!!!

And his family and friends and all heading to Florida this weekend to celebrate this impressive milestone.




I think I bragged a little bit about my grandpa after we celebrated his 99th birthday last year, but let me tell you, he is one INCREDIBLE guy. 




He is good natured, easy going, and lives every day to its fullest.  And his days are busy and full!  He attends yoga and exercise classes and makes time to hang out with his friends.  He is absolutely adorable!!!




We are so lucky to have this guy leading our family, and I can’t wait to spend a long weekend with him!



2 thoughts on “Flying Away (AGAIN)…

  1. to the entire cohen family….congrats to grandpa al on this momentous occasion… be surrounded by both family and friends during this celebration indicates just how special grandpa has been in soooo many peoples lives….a big hug and kiss to al from the entire strauss family…God Bless and here’s to another 100 years….love yaaaaas
    billy and julie

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