Feeling the Blogger Love


I received a big blogger honor yesterday and I was seriously sooo excited that I wanted to jump up and down and start screaming.  I love to blog, which is why I do it, but it was so nice to get this compliment from Renee at Bendiful.  It truly warmed my heart and made my day!






The way this works is that I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers to share the love.


Here are 7 things about me that you might not know…


1. I had a mild crazy obsession with the TV show GREEK on ABCFamily, and I own all the seasons on DVD.


2. I played the clarinet for 6 years even though I am completely tone deaf.


3. I sing tone deaf versions of Row Row Row Your Boat, the ABC’s, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old MacDonald almost every day at work.  For some reason, the kids LOVE it!


4. Apparently, I used to tell my mom that I was never going to move out of my parent’s house, and that I would open a hair salon in their garage.  You would NOT want me to do your hair!


5.  The BOY and I met on a blind date.  We were set up by my mom and his aunt, and our first date was on August 20th, 2006 at the race track.


6. The BOY and I are not on Facebook, twitter, or pinterest.  People find this odd.


7. I am very talkative!  One elementary school teacher told my mom at conferences that she tried to sit me everywhere in the classroom, but couldn’t find a place where I didn’t talk to my classmates.  She finally decided to sit me by the new kids to make them feel welcome.


And one extra for Good Luck…


8. I get so excited every day to find people still interested in my blog, leaving comments, and sharing recipes.  A big thank you to the other active and healthy bloggers who keep things honest, real, fun and delicious!



7 Blogs that inspire me…


Sugar Coated Chef


The Hungry Runner Girl


Little Bitty Bakes


Healthy Food For Living


A Nutritionist Eats


Blueberry Smiles


Bearrunner *this guy is doing an Ironman!



Did you learn something new about me?  Share something fun about yourself.

What blogs, books, websites inspire you?

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Blogger Love

  1. and my favorite… when she wouldn’t wear her boots on a cold snowy day (age 7 or so) and I told her wear the boots or I take TBC (the teddy bear of her life), she responded… those are not logical consequences..

    sigh, not easy… but WORTH EVERY SINGLE DAY

    .. me… I am percolating on blogging… it won’t be aobut food, it will be about healthy living and it may be about women’s freedom, women’s control our bodies and our choices

    • That is somthing that I didn’t know!

      You should totally do it! You are an incredible writer and all of this stuff is right up your alley. I am thinking of getting the book Blogging for Dummies…maybe we can check it out at the airport.

      And for the record, those WERE NOT logical consequences!

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