Running and Randomness

It is currently 11:20AM, and I am sitting on the couch sipping a smoothie in my comfy clothes watching the DVR.  Sounds like a lazy morning…right?




Not quite!  Hint: check out the running shoes in the background.




This morning, I was scheduled for my longest pre-race run, a 12 mile run.  I packed my typical essentials and met two friends on my driveway for a sunny morning run around the forest preserve path.  For breakfast, I made a Strawberry Dough Boy Smoothie.  Sadly, I was too lazy to cut strawberries last night, so I only soaked everything for ~15 minutes this morning.  Hence, the runny breakfast smoothie.




We headed out along the path on this sunny, but chilly morning.  It was fun to run with other people and the 11.5 miles went by quickly.  We finished in 1:38 which is a little slower than race pace, but I felt strong enough to get in another 2 miles if I needed wanted to.  A quick shower later, and I was in comfortable Saturday clothes and ready for a snack.




Post run, I refueled with this refreshing green smoothie.  I used coconut water as the base and added in a little Good Belly along with spinach, 1/2 banana, mango and ice.




Not a lot of protein in this recovery beverage, but it is definitely rehydrating and refreshing.


IMG_3281 IMG_3282


Luckily, the BOY is going to make us a protein packed lunch on the grill in just a few minutes.  You may have noticed that since Passover, I have been eating more meat.  I am eating chicken, the grass fed organic kind.  With summer and grill season fast approaching, there will definitely be more meat in my diet.  However, I am planning to choose higher quality meats and decrease my frequency of meat consumption.  Which makes the timing of this gift that I got yesterday PERFECT!




Doesn’t this look like fun???  The book is packed with vegetarian and vegan options.  You can bet there will be tons of recipes from this cookbook this spring/summer!!!



I am off to help the BOY prep veggies for our fajitas and then I SHOULD do some serious closet cleaning.  Good bye turtle neck sweaters!  I told you it wasn’t a lazy day!



Are you having an active or a lazy Saturday?

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