Girl Scout Cookie <3

If these two were in the same class in elementary school, they’d have matching BFF necklaces.


IMG_3192 IMG_3193


Need proof…try this Thin Mint Fudge! 



I have been looking forward to making these since this batch of girl scout cookies arrived at my office.  For my latest Thin Mint recipe, I drew inspiration from everyone’s favorite Oreo Balls.  However, my Happy Spring Oreo’s were engaged in another ‘project’ with cookie dough and brownies.




To start, I threw one box (two sleeves) of Thin Mints into my food processor until crumbly .


IMG_3195 IMG_3197


I stirred them into an 8oz package of softened cream cheese.


IMG_3199 IMG_3194


The longer you let your cream cheese sit out, the better.  Or you will get a massive arm workout.  And…if like me you already lifted this morning, your arms will get tired from stirring really quickly!


IMG_3201 IMG_3202


The effort is totally worth it.  Get ready to get a little messy and begin rolling the cream cheese mixture into balls.




Lick off your covered fingers and then place the balls into the freezer.




I know…they already look good enough to eat!  But don’t skip this last step of dipping them in melted mint chocolate.






You can smell the mint chocolately goodness in my kitchen and it smells GOOOD!  I used the double fork method for dipping and draining.  It worked well (it is a quick way to dip and dunk), but as you can see I am a messy chocolate dipper!




Oh well!  Everything tastes just as good with a little extra chocolate!


IMG_3218 IMG_3222

IMG_3223 IMG_3228


Speaking of extra chocolate, I hate to waste anything, especially chocolate, so I found something else to dip in this mint chocolate mixture…a few leftover Oreos.




Chocolate covered Oreos are yummy, but MINT chocolate covered Oreos are fantastic!


IMG_3225 IMG_3226




These Mint Chocolate Thin Mint Truffles are the perfect combination of dark rich chocolate and fresh mint flavor.






I know you have a box of Thin Mints hiding in the back of your freezer (I still do).  Dig them out and make these.  You will LOVE them!  Feel free to write me thank you comments below.


IMG_3239 IMG_3240




Store these in the freezer (along with your chocolate covered Oreos) in an air-tight container, or they will disappear quickly.  The BOY spotted the Oreo’s the minute he walked in the door and enjoyed some mint chocolate madness for dessert after dinner.


Here are a few other recipes that use Nestle’s Dark Chocolate Mint Morsels:


Mint Chocolate Chip Almond Butter


Chocolate Thin Mint Bark


Trail Mix Cookies




Mint Chocolate Thin Mint Truffles



1 box Thin Mint Cookies

1 8oz package of cream cheese, softened

1 10 oz package of Nestle Dark Chocolate Mint morsels

(if you can’t find these and don’t stockpile them like I do, then substitute in dark chocolate chips or chocolate almond bark)



-Place 2 sleeves of Thin Mint cookies in a food processor and pulse until completely crumbled.

-Stir together softened cream cheese and cookie crumbs until well combined.

-With your hands, roll mixture into balls.  Place them in an air-tight container and freeze for at least 1 hour.

-Using microwave or double broiler, melt your mint chocolate chips in 30 second intervals.  If you want, stir in some Crisco to thin the chocolate.

-Dip your Thin Mint balls into the chocolate and then place on a baking tray lined with wax paper.  Let cool until hard (or place in the refrigerator to decrease cooling time).

-Store in the freezer.

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