Banana Skillet Oatmeal

Some people were finished with Passover last night (that’s me!) while others (like the BOY) are holding out for tonight.  If you happen to have another day of bread-free breakfasts, then I recommend the following options that have helped me through this week:


Passover Pancakes




Breakfast Stirfry






However, if you are ready to bring on the oats, I recommend Skillet Oatmeal.  I am a huge fan of plain oatmeal, overnight oats, overnight oats in a jar, steel cut oats, oatmeal cookies, green smoothies with oats, etc, etc, etc.  But I have never tried to make skillet oatmeal.  I got the idea to try my my oats like this from my Mom.




I started with the frozen Trader Joe’s oatmeal warmed, added in a mashed banana, eggs, chia seeds, cinnamon, and vanilla.  I mixed everything together really well.




I poured the oatmeal mixture over a warmed skillet pan sprayed with cooking spray.




After about 5 minutes, the edges started to boil and I was hoping that I could flip it over like a pancake.  No such luck!  This oatmeal mixture is softer than pancake batter.  The edges did cook and brown as I used the spatula to mix around the oats.  After ~12 the oats were cooked.




Although my Banana Skillet Oatmeal didn’t turn out as pretty as I had imagined, it was much tastier than it looks.  Plus, the combination of oats, banana, chia, and eggs were exactly what I needed before my Saturday morning run!  You can top it with all of the jam, fresh fruit, or nuts that you want!




It was the perfect fuel combination to power me through this morning’s 10 miler over the hills of Barrington.  We finished in less than 90 minutes and I even felt strong through my last miles.  Maybe, it was the Green Tea Latte with SF Vanilla and Soy Milk (my new favorite Starbucks beverage) that I knew was waiting for me at the end.  I think I need to make a ‘Will Run for Starbucks’ T-shirt.  This treat tastes like a warm slice of cake!



2 thoughts on “Banana Skillet Oatmeal

    • I know…it’s definitely not your typical combination!
      They made frozen steelcut oats (near the veggie burgers at my TJ’s) that come in packets of 2. They are so good, especially when you need breakfast in a hurry!

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