‘I wanna Quit the Gym’

Have you seen the Friends episode where Chandler wants to quit the gym, but can’t do it???



He brings Ross with him to help, but predictably…

I won’t ruin it for you, but watch the clip…it’s a good Friday funny!


I am actually one of the few people who wasn’t a huge Friends fan, but for some reason, I saw this episode and it still makes me laugh.  Of course, the quote popped into my head as I was running this week and finally decided that I NEED TO QUIT MY GYM.  I have been playing with the idea of leaving my gym for a month or two. 


Last summer, when I was training, training, and training, I NEVER stepped foot in the gym!  I kept the membership because I was so nervous that it would be a rainy day and I’d need a treadmill.  I was occasionally using the pool but after the triathlon, I didn’t come back to the gym until winter.  And then we had a nice and mild winter here in Chi town and I finally embraced the cold weather outdoor run!


That being said, I am not using my gym membership which costs me over $60/month.  I can’t even tell you the last time I walked through the doors.  So why can’t I quit the gym???  I have NEVER not had a gym membership and it scares me.  I keep playing the ‘What If’s’ forgetting that I have been successfully able to run in any weather and get in a few home strength sessions.


Plus…the park district has a workout facility with a pool located less than 2 miles away from our house.  I can even ride my bike there!  The BOY and I can get a gym membership together with the pool for less than I am paying now or I can use the pool on a pay per use basis.  With the extra money each month, I can pick up an extra training session AND go to a few more yoga classes.


Back in the day (before blogging), I used to take yoga and spinning at my old gym, but I am not a fan of my current class schedule or many of the instructors.  Although I miss spinning, I haven’t been going to the classes and the last time I was at the gym, it was to meet the TRAINER for a run in the parking lot.




I have been looking around at a few other gyms, but I haven’t found anything with a convenient location (I can’t add to my crazy long commute) except for the park district, which is not as fancy as I am used to.  That being said, the current game plan is to call and quit the gym by Monday.  With all of my reasons listed above, I know it is the right decision, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Hopefully, they won’t ask me the same questions as Chandler???

2 thoughts on “‘I wanna Quit the Gym’

  1. A few years ago I was a member of Crunch. It was super convenient because it was across the street from my office at the time and I would either go before or after work. Marc convinced me to to switch to XSport because it was so much cheaper and I would have two locations (one near home and one near work) to choose from. I was soooo nervous to quit Crunch! I totally had that Chandler scene running through my head and I got myself so worked up over it! I finally walked in, braced myself, and did it. And guess what- they guy didn’t even care. He just said “ok” and gave me something to sign. I was actually disappointed that he didn’t try to fight to save me! Ha!!!

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